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Press Release (United Kingdom, UK): On August 16th, 2010

BMI Baby Virtual is an exciting up and coming VA created by CEO David Thompson and VCEO Kris Thomson

in July 2010! We are getting prepared for our big launch on the 21st August at 11:00z.

Pilot Applications will open at approx 11:01Z (12:01 UK Local) on Saturday August 16th at this present moment Staff Applications are open for more information please visit http://www.bmibaby-virtual.com/index.php/pages/staff;'>http://www.bmibaby-virtual.com/index.php/pages/staff; but as normal staff spaces are filling up fast!

Visit our site which is currently in the process of being made more exciting with a custom made skin being launched shortly before openeing: http://www.bmibaby-virtual.com

If you have any further questions, please contact us at

http://www.bmibaby-virtual.com/index.php/contact or email

ceo[at]bmibaby-virtual.com / vceo[at]bmibaby-virtual.com


David Thompson (CEO)

Kris Thomson (VCEO)

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