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  1. We have tried nearly everything we can think of, the database user details are all ok and entered correctly, we cant even access /install/install.php, any help would be greatfully appricated regards
  2. Hi, the images of the flags and inactive / active dont appear to be in line as you can see. Can anyone shed any light? Regards
  3. Hello, I copyed this code into the profile_mail.tpl but only thing that works is the PIERP chart and the pie chart for the aircraft one doesnt show. Here is the code reagrds. <h3>Your Stats</h3> <?php /* Added in 2.0! */ $chart_width = '800'; $chart_height = '250'; /* Don't need to change anything below this here */ ?> <div align="center" style="width: 100%;"> <div align="center" id="months_data"></div> </div> <br /> <div align="center" style="width: 100%;"> <div align="center" id="aircraft_data"></div> </
  4. Hello, does anyone have the code so I can place a pie chart in the pilot centre that shows the pilot the amount of time aircraft flown in percentage. regards
  5. Hello I made a favicon.ico file 16X16 using photoshot and saved it in my public_html folder. Do I need to edit the CSS file to make it show? Regards
  6. Hi everyone! I have started a VPS Teamspeak 3 server which has unlimited slots. I am selling you a teamspeak 3 server with your own connection address and unlimited slots for just £2.50 a month complete with maintance support. If interested or you would like more information please get into contact with me via WLM / MSN - david123u.tv@hpmail.com Skype - bfs.davidt Email: david123u.tv@hotmail.com Regards, David
  7. Hello For my pilot centre im trying to get it in rows .. First Name : ------ Surname ------ etc etc Does anyone have the code for setting stuff side by side? regards
  8. In my admin panel i have the following message - A beta version 2.1.944 is available for download! Where do I donwload it? and will it overwirte all my current templates ive editted and delete all my settings regards
  9. Hello, I have this and for some reason the flag and text doesnt line up? any ideas? my code is... <table width="700px" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1"> <?php echo '<td width="250px" valign="top">'; echo '<table cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="1">'; echo '<th width="150px"><div align="left">Country Location</div></th>'; echo '<th width="100px"><div align="center">Pilots</div></th>'; $country_info = DB::get_results('SELECT COUNT(pilotid) as total, location FROM '.TABLE_PREFIX.'pilots GROUP BY location
  10. On the Airport page all my Airports have a fuel price of 1.1 and all flight have a price of 150.00 i dont see what wrong with it :S
  11. Hello, I have make a flight on the new phpVMS 2.1.943, but I have problem's with Gross Revenue, Fuel Coast. The price is always 0 why??? I have set each fuel peice for airport at 1.1 etc and the price of the route but it doesnt register I do all flight via a custom made kAcars Kindest Regards and Thank you!
  12. Hello, I am having trouble with the live map. We use KAcars to track flights and aeven after 12 hours after arrival and flight simulator and the KAcars application is shut down the flight still appear on the live map? Anyone any ideas? Regards
  13. Hello I need my URL base changed from .net to a com. At the minute when pilots install the application it installs as .net, is there anyway for it to install as .com for the URL base? Regards
  14. Press Release (United Kingdom, UK): On August 16th, 2010 BMI Baby Virtual is an exciting up and coming VA created by CEO David Thompson and VCEO Kris Thomson in July 2010! We are getting prepared for our big launch on the 21st August at 11:00z. Pilot Applications will open at approx 11:01Z (12:01 UK Local) on Saturday August 16th at this present moment Staff Applications are open for more information please visit http://www.bmibaby-virtual.com/index.php/pages/staff;'>http://www.bmibaby-virtual.com/index.php/pages/staff; but as normal staff spaces are filling up fast! Visit our site whic
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