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Before Asking a Question of kACARS

Guest lorathon

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Guest lorathon

I will try and keep this as up to date with problems that come up all of the time.

1. This forum should be for VA owners to ask questions. If you are a member of a VA and are having a problem please contact your VA staff and ask them for your support first. If the VA staff can not answer the question then they should ask it here.

2. Custom kACARS questions should be asked to my email account. Since these are custom a lot of times a fix for one VA's custom version may not work for another VA's.

3. Always ensure that you have the latest FSUIPC downloaded and installed!

4. Always ensure that you have the .exe file set to "Run as Administrator" in Vista and Win 7

5. kACARS_Free uses xml files to communicate. This may not be possible on some free hosting sites. I can not change this. VA's with free hosting sites may have problem.

6. Always ensure that the module version and application version match.

7. The Base URL should always be entered less the ending "/"

8. If you have connection issues attempt to debug by using the "View Site Errors" setting.

9. If you have a crash, please supply the debug code (in English) with your post.

10. kACARS_Free uses .NET 3.5

11. If you keep getting a "Aircraft not on ground" message. Check the following

  • FSUIPC Version
  • Load different aircraft to see if the A/C is the problem
  • Try a different airport to see if the scenery is the issue
  • finally use the "Ignore P-Brake / Airbourne Check" setting

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