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Please Help me with kAcars

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I have installed and set up kAcars according to SpiritAir's VA instructions ann i keep getting the following error message

"Notify System Administrator of Switch Error

Data Not Received


I have emailed the CEO of the VA numerous times and not getting any help so I cam on here hoping someone can help me get it to work. These are the instuctions sent to me and I followed them exactly and still getting the error.


I recommend using the kACARS flight tracker. If you do not know how to

configure it, here ya go. You want to open kacars, click on the

"Options" tab, click on "VA Profiles" in the base URL, put

http://spiritairva.com, then in the next 2 spaces, put your ID and

password. In the "VA" box, name the VA whatever you want. Then, click

the disk button, then the "X" button. Now go options, User Settings.

click the drop down menu and select the one you set up for spirit. Click

the Disk, then the X, then log in and connect to FS. Click get flight

bid info, and if you bid on a flight, it will automatically fill in the

blanks. You MUST enter in your cruise altitude or you will get an error.

Then hit start flight and fly. When you are done with your flight and at

the gate, click stop flight and file PIREP and it is submitted.

Can someone please help!!

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