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Hi All

We are a 100% virtual airlines group. We are not affiliated in any way to real life airlines.

The reason for this is quite simple. We offer flights covering the whole world.

If there is a place we can land, we will go there.

We don’t want to have any ties with real companies because of all the legal stuff that comes with it.

We don’t have to be afraid to be shut down because of logo use or copyrights.

To log your flights, we offer our own logging software named World Virtual Airlines Logger.

It is based on kacars but it’s more advanced and unique.

Our va offers you the possibility to fly assigned flights.

These will always be assigned from your last arrival airport and keep track of which airline you are a member of, with exception of tour and events flights.

Performing these assignments is not an obligation. And they can be adjusted in duration to match your likings.

Working this way has the advantage that, when you receive an assignment that you don’t like,

or you want to fly assignments for another member-airline,

you just choose any flight from the timetable and send that pirep in. After that the assignment system will give you assignments from that airlines timetable.

We will offer new tours regularly and every month we will organize an event.

When you join and have a previous va, you can transfer those hours.

As in all va’s, you will be rewarded for certain achievements.

Also you will be ranked according to flown hours.

And of course personalized pilot center.

So come and join us.


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