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  1. druptown

    Import vRoute Flightplans?

    how does this implementing work exactly?
  2. druptown

    Import vRoute Flightplans?

  3. druptown

    Signatures Every Few Users

    fixed, it is quite simple actually. the users have to select a skin on registration or after registration in there profile details. If they don't select one. The badge is not created.
  4. druptown

    ACARSmap plotting routes

    same here, it doesn't render the route. It's just a straight line from A to B I guess because the Routemap has this in it and acarsmap doesn't. So if anyone can check how to add that to acarsmap..... One sidenote to make : this should get it's info from the acarsdata table in the db instead of the schedules. Acarsdata copies the route from the schedules anyway and if a pilot enters his own route, that one is taken. <?php /* Populate the route */ if(is_array($mapdata->route_details)) { $list = array(); foreach($mapdata->route_details as $route) { if($route->type == NAV_VOR) { $icon = fileurl('/lib/images/icon_vor.png'); } else { $icon = fileurl('/lib/images/icon_fix.png'); } echo 'var loc = new google.maps.LatLng('.$route->lat.', '.$route->lng.'); var _marker = new google.maps.Marker({ position: loc, map: map, icon: "'.$icon.'", title: "'.$route->title.'" }); bounds.extend(loc);'; // For the polyline $list[] = "new google.maps.LatLng({$route->lat}, {$route->lng})"; } } ?>
  5. druptown

    Signatures Every Few Users

    any updates on this issue? we're having the same problem
  6. druptown

    Change Google maps

    no linenumber
  7. druptown

    Join World Virtual Airlines

    It is a great virtual airline, come and join us!!!
  8. druptown

    Change Google maps

    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier Nothing more, it happens as soon as you exceed 10000 schedules approx.
  9. druptown

    Change Google maps

    well, there is actually something wrong with google maps. PHPVMS has a module called routesmap, you can use it to show all schedules you have on a map if you remove the limit in the module. Which I did. It worked great......, untill we passed the 10000 schedules. Now it's only a blank page. It seems that googlemaps can 't handle the amount of markers/polylines. It only has to draw 60000 markers and 30000 polylines
  10. druptown

    Transfer Hours in Rank

    it seems that the transfer of hours isn't even in our registration form......how can i add this?
  11. druptown

    TOPPilot beta 1.0

    Any updates on the monthly stats not showing correcly? It seems that Util::date can't handle the seconds. We 've got an difference of 7 minutes allready with 45h flown. It shows very hard now since it's our first month and the alltimesstats are shown above, that will get better next month. But still, I'm a perfectionist and like things to be correct.
  12. druptown

    TOPPilot beta 1.0

    so the stats are always 1 pirep late that way?
  13. druptown

    TOPPilot beta 1.0

    I've also noticed that when I uncomment the line to make the script look at accepted pireps only, the script doesn't work automatic anymore.
  14. druptown

    TOPPilot beta 1.0

    I've added this piece of code and the problem is almost fixed, but the times are still off. It works for calculating the hours and minutes correctly, but it forgets the seconds in the pireps flight time. They are not added.... which results in 5 min difference on 10 flights allready.
  15. druptown

    TOPPilot beta 1.0

    tnx Simpilot, I wasn't sure.