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  1. I believe you can translate it from source code, the more important things might be to record things like taxi, climb, descent etc? Not only on website but also on log if possible
  2. When you start flight, it comes up with error "conversion from string "330.09" to type 'integer' is not valid." The message box keeps popping up faster than you close them
  3. Thank you for your work, it no longer allows you to get bids as other people! Great acars
  4. I don't know if its too much to ask, but is there anyway to make the acars remember the url for the website? Meaning when pilots download the adress is already there so they just have to log in? A few people find it confusing, but acars is great and I have no problems with the way it is now.
  5. Another bug is that the password is requiered, but you can type any password you want and it will login, so other members are able to log in and fly as other pilots due of this password bug.
  6. There is one error though, whenever you start your flight with parking brakes on it says offloading passengers? And when you release them after preflight it says taxi to gate on the virtual airline flight map? Also in the log it doesn't seem to report pushback, taxing to runway etc but I suppose maybe it's not included. Anyway, great addon and I wish you good luck with developing it
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