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  1. Vangelis

    All Acars Not Working

    You forgot to mention witch phpvms version you use
  2. Vangelis

    Acars problem

    will check with latest version
  3. Vangelis

    Acars problem

    Patience is a virtue my mother always said For start we need a test username and password for you va in order to check what might be the problem.
  4. Vangelis

    Acars Software For PHPvms Version 7

    Can you open a post in the forum as at the moment you are commenting under the download thanks
  5. Vangelis

    Acars Software For PHPvms Version 7

    for start display a screenshot off the error
  6. Vangelis

    Acars Software For PHPvms Version 7

    You have to add a new va via the option the api key is located in the pilot profile and for each pilot it is diferent
  7. Vangelis

    SQL deptime -1 Hour

    I lost you to be honest what you are writing now means that you don't use utc times
  8. Vangelis

    Auto Accept/Reject Pirep

    You need to get in contact with smartacars as far as i know they do not use the standard phpvms pirep filling
  9. Please provide website address and a test pilot username & password
  10. can you provide a test user name and passowrd and the link of your site ?
  11. Vangelis

    Auto Accept/Reject Pirep

    What is the error? Have you tried to get in contact with smartacars?
  12. Vangelis

    Auto Accept/Reject Pirep

    Is there a link of a filled pirep that includes all the criteria so thaPIREPData.class.php.zipt the pirep should be declined ? or accept ? also can you try with this file?
  13. Vangelis

    Auto Accept/Reject Pirep

    In the pirep you sended me there are no failed criteria , the pirep need to include the item that you want so the pirep will be declined Example If you want over speed the pirep should include overspeed so that i can copy and paste it for you , also i need a link of the pirep and not a screenshot
  14. Vangelis

    Auto Accept/Reject Pirep

    Please attach a screenshot of your criteria page and a pirep link with all the fails
  15. Vangelis

    Auto Accept/Reject Pirep

    There is a readme did you readme ?