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  1. Vangelis

    Auto Accept/Reject Pirep

  2. Vangelis

    Auto Accept/Reject Pirep

    Please attach a screenshot of your criteria page and a pirep link with all the fails
  3. Vangelis

    VATSIM Metar

    No I did not
  4. Vangelis

    Website down (solved)

    What is your php version? It seems like the server upgraded it self
  5. this means that it cannot find your server can you provide the link an a test user ?
  6. New Version up in case you have any issues post them here
  7. Vangelis

    Sim Brief for phpvms

    Simbrief module for phpvms seems to not work so well with the crewcentre template as there are a lot of jquery conflicts as you can see from here simbrief.apiv1.js:116 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of undefined at do_simbriefsubmit (simbrief.apiv1.js:116) at simbriefsubmit (simbrief.apiv1.js:86) at HTMLInputElement.onclick (2:677) as this is a template issue i am not able to help you with this , you will need to find someone who is able to help you with jquery and templates
  8. Vangelis

    Sim Brief for phpvms

    What is your website address ? Usualy this is a jquery conflict
  9. Vangelis

    Sim Brief for phpvms

    The template file is missing re upload the file
  10. Can you send me your website addres and a pilots credentials so i can replicate it ?
  11. that meens you do not have an aircraft assign for the flight or the value zfw is empty in the airplane information
  12. Vangelis

    New Log/Acars Software APVacars

    Did you bid on a flight ?
  13. Acars Software For PHPvms Version 7 View File Acars Software For PHPvms Version 7 Submitter Vangelis Submitted 02/27/18 Category Add-ons  
  14. Version


    Acars Software For PHPvms Version 7
  15. My time at the moment is very limited so at the moment i am not able to write custom acars for va's