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  1. Monthly Hub Stats

    public static function TotalHoursBetweenDates($icao, $startdate, $enddate) { //Count total hours $query = "SELECT SUM(flighttime) as hours FROM phpvms_pireps WHERE submitdate BETWEEN '$startdate' AND '$enddate' and (depicao='$icao' or arricao='$icao')"; $result = DB::get_row($query); return $result->hours; }
  2. Unable to add to bid

    Any chanche we can acces your server to have a better look ?
  3. Unable to add to bid

    What happens when you add a bid with the default template ?
  4. Do not send the email

    I am also looking into it as it is not working on my server aswell
  5. Create a Database Form

    I am not sure that I understood what exactly you want you paint it somehow
  6. Avatar not appearing on every page

    check in the template what it is the source of the images
  7. Live Chat

    Did you try to contact the creator ?
  8. KACARS free - not showing all of the fleet

    Stupid question maybe, have you checked the pilot's rank ?
  9. Leaderboards no longer updating

    Turn on logs in local.config.php and see if there are any errors
  10. Sim Brief for phpvms

    You have some issues with your template and not with the module i wil have a look at it when i have finished with a project
  11. Sim Brief for phpvms

    No it will not when you click on the button do you get the popup window from simbrief ? If not make sure all the necessary files are included
  12. [SOLVED] Google Maps on phpVMS not working

    Link with test account please so we can check
  13. SimBrief form to tailor OFP result

    I dont think you followed all the instructions but in order to help you you need to tell us your website link
  14. SimBrief form to tailor OFP result

    did you read the https://github.com/vangelisb/Simbrief/blob/master/phpvms/ReadMe.txt ? it has clearly instructions how to do it, if you still dont understand then you will have to find someone with basic file upload and editing knowledge
  15. Sim Brief for phpvms