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  1. I would never use Free Hosting for a VA. Thanks for the reply's! Regards, Greg
  2. Afternoon Gents, Im stuck in a delma and I just dont know how Im going to go about solving it. Is there anyone with a complete SQL database for the airports by any chance? I could go in manually and add EVERY airport because Im just going to have a universal Flight number that everyone will use. But I REALLY dont feel like adding all the airports in but If thats what needs to happen I will but if anyone can contribute the file I would be GRATEFUL! Best Regards, Greg
  3. Gents, I was trying to figure out how to BYPass all the schedule stuff. I want my pilots just to be able to file PIREPS with no need of Schedule or routes etc. Is this possible? Regards, Greg
  4. Thanks For the help Simpilot Your a Great asset to the community! May God Bless you! My final decision is to Reskin the whole thing! Best Regards, Greg Apex
  5. Afternoon Gents, I have been researching this problem and since Im not a professtional at DIY stuff I have been stumped at this problem. ANY help is appreciated! I have a joomla website and I have the site in the /public HTML site and everything on it work correctly.. I installed PHPVMS at the /public html/pirep folder and installed it on its own MYSQL database. Well, Im trying to get a custom roster for joomla site and I cannot seem to get it to work.. I dont know where to start when it come to this. I have used VAFS for so long and they made it easy for addons to be putin through a IFRAME. I just dont like the way it looks here so I am on a mission to get one that looks decent. What code will I need to have to integrate the Roster in an article for Joomla? I put several scripts listed on the forums here and came up with constant line errors? Again, Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Best Regards, Greg Lee Apex Air
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