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  1. It would be like this right? <?php PIREPS::publicroutesmap($userinfo->pilotid,10)?> With that, and updating the function it still returns all of the flights flown and not the limit.
  2. I tested it and it works great, but I am curious, is there anyway to limit how many flights are shown? For example, only map the last 10 flights.
  3. He is saying he has this, and would like it to be in google maps rather than gcmap.
  4. I got it, it was because I changed the link class from class="addbid" to my own.
  5. I apologize for bumping an old topic - but I have this problem. However, I'm not using mootools, everything I put on my site is using jquery.. I also have an image slider, fancybox, and some jquery for my fly-out login box in my site. Could this be the problem and how would I fix it?
  6. Never mind, I found a hub stats class in the releases section, fulfilled all my dreams! :')
  7. How can I edit the roster to only show pilots from a specific hub? For example, if I have a KSFO hub and I only want to see pilots at that hub how would I write that?
  8. Go into phpMyAdmin and find phpvms_airports There it will list all the airport YOU entered. Just click the red X next to each airport to delete them.
  9. Bump. I'd really like to learn how to do this. Really, I want to know how to pull information for each airline, since I'll be setting up stats on each of my airlines (stats like bids for the airline, obviously the roster, latest flight by the airline). There must be a way to get airline specific information.
  10. Thanks! I also crossed check it with my test installation of phpvms and I guess by editing it in cpanel it didn't load all of code (only loaded to line 82 - weird) and when I saved it everything that didn't load was erased. I put everything back in, and now it works! The lesson here, don't edit in cpanel
  11. Yeah I got the same thing. I edited the following Config::Set('PILOTID_OFFSET', 0); # What # to start pilot ID's from and Config::Set('LOAD_FACTOR', '82'); # %age load factor I set the id number to 1 and the load factor to 85 after that my site was blank. I did the edit from within my cpanel..
  12. In /modules I have a php file named EXACTLY the same as the folder in /modules and the php file contains this: <?php /** * Herp Derp */ class about extends CodonModule { public function index() { Template::Show('about.tpl'); } } ?> Then in my skin folder I have the corresponding .tpl file, as you see here it is "about.tpl" Anybody able to help me with the roster?
  13. Tried searching this but didn't find anything. :/ What I want to do is make pages for each airline I have and then on that airlines page display all the pilots with that airlines code... I already made the pages (folder in the modules folder and a new .tpl) but I'm not sure how to create the code for the roster on each page. Any ideas?
  14. Hey! I've put my "Edit Profile", and "Change Password" pages into a popup fancybox for added flare. Problem is though that when the box pops up I have no options for Location or background image for the pilot badge. I'd imagine this is because I've moved all of the "Edit Profile" code into my pilot center .tpl file. When I view page source I see Invalid argument supplied for foreach() where the option values should be. How can I work around this? I know I could just put them in manually, because I doubt major countries will be changing soon, but what would I do for the pilot badge background option? Thanks! EDIT: I guess I'll ask this other simple question while I am at it, do I need to change the form action? The form does work, I can edit my profile and change my password, but I have to go to another page and back to the pilot center, then click the "Edit Profile" link to see the changes in the fancybox popup.
  15. No, before the site was moved to my server it was on a free hosting so it must have done something funky to it.
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