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  1. Hi Parkho Hi have put your files inside mine phpvms and i receiver this message: phpVMS Version Installed Is Not Compatible With This Module! phpVMS Version Installed: 936 Any idea? Thanks. Regards, Miguel
  2. Hi, i have see Github, but i dont see were is talk about how we can change fuel decimal in airline stats. Can you help, please? Thx very much. Regards
  3. Hy Dave, where i find that code? Thx. Regards
  4. Sorry Dave, but i dont understand nothing what do you have show me. Can you explain please? Thx. Regards
  5. Hi Dave, i dont know install thst module http://david-clark.n...aircraft-stats/ Can you help me? Thx very much. Regards
  6. Hi, you have an erro in code: query = "SELECT * FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX.'pireps WHERE MONTH(submitdate) = '$month' AND YEAR(submitdate) = '$year'"; The right code is: $query = "SELECT * FROM .TABLE_PREFIX.'pireps WHERE MONTH(submitdate) = '$month' AND YEAR(submitdate) = '$year'"; Now work wonderful. Thx very much for you help. One doubt please: I have this in airline stats: Total Fuel Burned: 31782.3054199219 How i can see less numbers? Regards.
  7. Hi, yes i do. Yes there was some data. id pilot_id flights hours miles month year 1 104 1 1 491 4 2012 2 105 2 1 402 4 2012 3 106 4 5 1316 4 2012 4 117 4
  8. Yes, i have run script. Filed pirep? I have used kAcars to make my flights. I have make 2 flights after install script but May i dont see nothing. Thx Regards
  9. Hi, i have done that and work. I have put sopy files out of original folders. But noe i have this problem: In this month, May, i have done 2 flights but dot apear in list. Only this info: No Pireps Filed For May 2012 Is not possible. Because i have done 2 flights. Any idea? Thx very much. King regards.
  10. Hi, i have make all what explain inside toppilot package. But i dont know why we see that. Any idea? Thx Regards
  11. Hi, anyone can help? My last message. Thx
  12. Hi guys, problem resolved it. Thx for all. Regards, Miguel
  13. Hi Kyle, congratulations for your excellent work. I ahve this problem. I have create airports but with this name: myairports When i install charts i have this error: Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, class 'Myairports' does not have a method 'get_airport' in/home/pg28030/public_html/v2/core/classes/MainController.class.php on line 218 And in mysql i have to charts name or i change to phpvms_charts?? My website Thx very much. King regards, Miguel
  14. Hi guys, i have this problem: When i click in Airline Stats-Top Pilots, we see php file. See my VA website here Any idea why this happen? Thx very much. King regards. Miguel
  15. Hi Dimitris, how i can put mine like yours? Only change colours and banners, of course. Can you help? Thx. Regads. Miguel
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