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    website phpVMS problems

    really really need help, i am trying to upload and set up a va using the x10 host site, all files are loaded and these are the codes that come up instead of the website, please can anyone help web address is www.europeanallianceva.co.uk Notice: The template file "/home/europea2/public_html/europeanallianceva.co.uk//lib/skins/CURRENT_SKIN/header.tpl" doesn't exist in /home/europea2/public_html/europeanallianceva.co.uk/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php on line 248 Recent Reports No reports have been filed Newest Pilots Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/europea2/public_html/europeanallianceva.co.uk/core/templates/frontpage_recentpilots.tpl on line 3 Users Online There have been 0 user(s), and 0 guest(s) online in the past 20 minutes. Notice: The template file "/home/europea2/public_html/europeanallianceva.co.uk//lib/skins/CURRENT_SKIN/footer.tpl" doesn't exist in /home/europea2/public_html/europeanallianceva.co.uk/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php on line 248 many thanks in advance.
  2. darrellhyde

    website phpVMS problems

    hi i am trying to build a website using the phpvms network, the host i am using is x10hosting. i have downloaded the phpvms program and have installed this on my hosting server, however when i try the web page address, all it shows in a long list of error codes, the link is www.europeanallianceva.co.uk if anyone is willing to take a look and try to explain where i have gone wrong. many thanks Darrell Hyde