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  1. Not sure but that was all it took was changing that one item.
  2. Found the problem. In the "sbapiform" portion of the schedule_briefing.tpl I found that the weight unit is in KGS but the website is set up for pounds. Changed the KGS to LBS and works fine now.
  3. www.vmidwayairlines.com If you need to register and I will give you access. If you need in to check files let me know.
  4. I have installed the SimBrief module and followed all the instructions regarding the installation and changes that needed to be made to the various files. I have the button on the bid screen but when I click on it nothing happens. Attached is the screenshot of the bid screen.
  5. I have entered schedules, but when I go back in to edit the entire schedule is wiped out, yet it shows on the table in the Schedules on Admin Panel. I edit the schedule and reenter all of the flight data then hit the Edit Schedule button and get the following error message back: There was an error editing the schedule: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1 Here are the screenshots. I had already entered the flight information and added the schedule, then went back into edit it and had nothing on the input screen. When I reentered the info I then had the error pop up. Any ideas what file(s) is screwed up? This started after I filed my first PIREP and I went in and updated ticket prices on the original entered schedules. Prior to that I had 26 schedules entered and everything was working fine.
  6. Dwight

    Install issue

    Okay, dumb question--How do I manually run these tables, and how do I make sure that phpVMS recognizes that the database is set up?
  7. Dwight

    Install issue

    Paid through my internet provider. phpvms-2011-mar-18-004.zip
  8. Dwight

    Install issue

    New problem. I got the installer to run but the tables aren't setting Up and have a message that the local.config.php file needs permissions. I didn't have this folder in the original download so added the empty folder. Is anything else needed in this folder?
  9. Dwight

    Install issue

    The URL is www.virtualmidwayairlines.com. This takes you to the default. html page. Could this be the problem? The install.php file I have been accessing from ftp.virtualmidwayairlines.com which goes into the root directory. The install.php file is in httpdocs/phpvms/install/install.php.
  10. I have set up my website, set up the database (actually had the web server (commercial)set up the MySQL database)and have done the FTP including assigning permissions to all of the files as shown in the installation instructions. I have taken the URL to the install.php file pasted it into my web browser and when I go to it I get the raw code in the file not the control panel. Any suggestions? I don't know if this issue has come up before in the forums but didn't find it in a search. I'm probably just missing something simple, but those are also some of the hardest problems to identify.
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