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  1. Didn't work, still getting 01/01/1970
  2. On the Recent Flights on the front Page of the website it keeps showing the date of 01/01/1970, it should show the date the Pirep was filed. Here is the code I am using: <?php # RECENT FLIGHTS ;?> <div class="col-md-6"> <div class="hr-title hr-long center"><abbr>Recent Flights</abbr></div> <div class="table-responsive"> <table class="table table-condensed table-hover"> <thead> <tr>
  3. The previous flight map on my website has decided to disappear. All that is showing is what looks like a piece of paper with the upper right corner dog eared. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I cleared my cookies, but that didn't help either
  4. Fixed! Apparently that is what happens when you load the wrong file, LOL. I loaded the excel file instead of the CSV file, DUH!
  5. Loading my second round of schedules using the import schedules. I did save it as csv. The first round is fine, this time I get this, and that is just part of it. Does anybody know what is going on? Airline with code �L1�bma]���u���t���(gZ��[Wvr���2���u{���`�M� does not exist! Skipping... Airline with code ��9fe�q�wW@�(^��wd�b�h �a��8g.J pC�*Xx8��r�bV�`|Xƻ�cǵ�YU3J��Ý8b�3+��(�������Q��u���K>Q�ELKM2�#'��vi~����vl�wu8+�z��HH�J����:�)
  6. http://forum.phpvms....e +registration
  7. I just approved a bunch of Pireps and this is what the error is that I am getting: Fatal error: Call to undefined method SchedulesData::changeFlownCount() in /home/steve14958/public_html/core/common/PIREPData.class.php on line 1218 And here is what line 1216 through 1218 says: if($status == PIREP_ACCEPTED) { self::calculatePIREPPayment($pirepid); SchedulesData::changeFlownCount($pirep_details->code, $pirep_details->flightnum, '+1');
  8. Forgot to mention that the flights are showing up on all the maps, and in our "View My Pireps" but not in the areas mentioned above.
  9. For some reason, our flights are not being recorded in the admin center or on our public and pilot center profiles. For example I have done about 6 flights and everything still shows 0 flights and 0 hours.
  10. That can get expensive quick, when you are working not only that airline, but all of the code shares too.
  11. I read that, but 1 doesn't help now, LOL. And two, sounds like we would still have to enter manually. Too bad there isn't a way to upload a PDF airline schedule and a program extracts that puts it all on the right places, LOL.
  12. There has to be an easier way to do schedules rather than one line at a time in Excel isn't there? Please tell me there is.
  13. Fixed, I found this and it worked: http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/8192-solution-strict-standards-errornew-php/
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