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  1. would you like me to take it to airtran and see what they say personally i agree with Tom there not the same and i think its all rather petty i have been involved with virtual airlines logos and development for over 10 years dont you thin i did my research first!!!
  2. nope toatlly different different font for 1 lol airtran logo Anglian logo
  3. We are currently setting up a new virtual airline called Anglian Virtual Airlines. Although the ceo and vceo are able to do most of the work we have decided to recruit new staff members so we can prepare and build the va ready for launch. We not only fly schedule flights but also have the facillity for tours and also ga flights this is a real oppertunity to shine. Both the ceo and vceo have extensive experience in the va world so please only apply if you are serious about joining and are able to commit to the airline. All applicants will be considered but experienced will be recruited first bu
  4. Any help on the coding to make this template into dropdown menus would be appreciated many thanks in advance Craig
  5. ah right may i ask you for some coding help msn address is well want me to pm you
  6. Correct me if i am wrong Mark bit cant see any drop down menus i mean in the nav bar but very nice looking site and chance of the code to do the Who's online bit i am a noob sorry many thanks Craig
  7. Hi Jon any chance of some dropdown menus in an update plz thanks Craig
  8. Thank you very much Jeff works a treat oh my site link if you are interested is here best regards Craig
  9. Jeff thank you for the reply, the second bit is quite what i was looking for in the frontpage.tpl it has the code for bringing the news module to the front page what i am trying to do us use a php include is it to automatically got to a page i have created so instead of maincontroller calling news i want it to display one of my own pages thank you so far for the help Craig
  10. Hi i created a skin about 3 years ago for my va this has since folded after some consideration we are building a new va i dont have any of the old files left but i cant for the life of me remember exactly which line of code that has to be removed to stop pages being added to the navbar. Also i cant remember the line of code to call a specific page i.e to use on the front page instead of module calling. hope some one can post these lines of code for me as i have spent ages trawling through the search and forums here to no availe to find dead links or no advise if you cvould help it would be a
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