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  1. AirTran Virtual Airways has recently received a major makeover. We've (more of I) have decided to go for something... a little more resembling of a professional career. Let me kick off with the website (main focus of each and every virtual airline) First off was a complete separation of just a website for the airline from the crew center (phpVMS). That is located at http://airtranvirtual.net/, the main URL. Just something nice and simple... Next off is the specialty. I have taken phpVMS and "twisted" it in a way that is wasn't quite designed for (which was website/crew center all in one bundle). It isn't hard, but then it was, since I had to do some major customization and some changes in the code to make it act what I want it to. This "thing" is kind of like my baby of web projects and I hold it dearly: http://crew.airtranvirtual.net/. You can explore the main website all you want, but since you can't see the crew center, here are some screenshots. The Dashboard: The Better Profile Page: (I can't capture the whole page because there was some crew perks that I can't give away) I wish I could also show you the navbar and the side dropdown, but Gyazo can't capture that and there's some more. So... that's that. We're also looking for administration members willing to join the team. We request those with former experience in any role and email your resume to contact@airtranvirtual.net. We'll take a look and see if you want you. See you in the blue skies, safe flying... Oh, by the way, try not to register for AirTran Virtual Airways yet... it's almost, but not quite done. Stay tuned on our Facebook and Twitter.
  2. alblua

    Emails won't Send (v5.5.x)

    Well, I'll be darned, I didn't even have to go through the trouble of figuring it out; I was so used to php mail not working at all I just automatically went to SMTP! Thanks for this ridiculously simple tip!
  3. alblua

    Emails won't Send (v5.5.x)

    That is affirmative, it's what Zoho uses.
  4. alblua

    Emails won't Send (v5.5.x)

    Hello all, I've been consistently having problems sending emails with phpVMS, whether the old v4 release or the one by simPilot v5 release. When testing registration, the confirmation email just won't send, and I'm 100% sure any other emails won't send either. I remember when our email was based on the local mail server of our then free (we upgrade on x10hosting) hosting service, emails would send fine, all the time, guaranteed. I believe it was also routed through GMail's or Outlook's servers for some time too. Everything worked back then. We've moved to Zoho, and ever since then, each new phpVMS "project of sorts" we had, emails will just not budge. In local.config.php, this is the quick email excerpt I have. # Email Settings Config::Set('EMAIL_FROM_NAME', 'AirTran Virtual'); Config::Set('EMAIL_FROM_ADDRESS', 'trs@airtranvirtual.net'); Config::Set('EMAIL_USE_SMTP', true); # Add multiple SMTP servers by separating them with ; Config::Set('EMAIL_SMTP_SERVERS', 'smtp.zoho.com'); Config::Set('EMAIL_SMTP_PORT', '465'); Config::Set('EMAIL_SMTP_USE_AUTH', true); Config::Set('EMAIL_SMTP_SECURE', 'ssl'); # must be "ssl" for Google Apps Config::Set('EMAIL_SMTP_USER', 'trs@airtranvirtual.net'); Config::Set('EMAIL_SMTP_PASS', 'password'); # Password is indeed correct Just something else, the page takes forever to load before going to the confirmation page. Same with the "resend activation function" in the new phpVMS build by simPilot (he's worked gold into this thing). Could that be a problem? I'll be keeping an eye on my inbox and spam; nothing's been received yet. I'll keep trying as well. The website URL is http://crew.airtranvirtual.net/, if needed. Thank you!
  5. Thanks for the help everyone, I think it works now and now I'll see if the client is happy with the results.
  6. A virtual airline would like me to help them create a function in phpVMS in which the pilot can only bid from a flight that they had previously arrived from. I'm wondering if such function is possible, or should I suggest just reject flights that don't follow the criteria (that would seem mean, )? Haven't touched phpVMS for a whole summer, so I'm extremely rusty on the matter. Any input would be great, thanks!
  7. alblua

    Emails (Again) Don't Send

    Bump again.
  8. alblua

    Emails (Again) Don't Send

    There isn't a workaround then?
  9. alblua

    noCaptcha reCaptcha for phpVMS

    What are the errors exactly? Just going to say, I'm going off a lack of sleep, so I might not be able to understand what I usually would, . Too much stuff to do.
  10. alblua

    Emails (Again) Don't Send

    http://mxtoolbox.com/domain/zoho.com/?source=findmonitors Seems all right. I don't manage my SMTP server, so is there anyway to be able to remove the Google restriction? I'm not sure if it's possible to have one single email go Google whilst the others are powered by Zoho. Maybe by stating it's Zoho Mail may fix a lot.
  11. alblua

    Emails (Again) Don't Send

    Our SMTP isn't managed by Google, and I'm not about to go messing around by screwing up my script in the website for validation (which works perfectly find) and the Zoho SMTP before it starts blurting at me with errors. Do you think I can take a second try at pulling it all out and inserting my own? What powers the emails anyway in phpVMS?
  12. alblua

    Emails (Again) Don't Send

    It is x10 Premium hosting. We do have Remote SMTP enabled, exactly why we upgraded. The interface is CPanel VPS Optimized 3.
  13. alblua

    noCaptcha reCaptcha for phpVMS

    It's probably because of the big jump of versions; so much has been change (including template files are nonexistent) that I suggest you make a fresh install and then copy and paste code snippets back into phpVMS.
  14. alblua

    Emails (Again) Don't Send

    It's getting buried, going to bump.
  15. alblua

    No route passed

    Use jQuery's noConflict() function. That way, you can use multiple versions of jQuery, one for the more modern code you use and one for the older version that is implemented by phpVMS. Or, if you don't have much fancy stuff, delete your entry of jQuery; it is included by default.