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  1. Clarity Crew Center

    About Clarity Crew Center
    Clarity is a phpVMS Crew Center built on the latest bootstrap technology. Clarity is designed to be installed in a sub directory phpVMS installation and used as a crew center, whilst a HTML webpage is used for your welcome page to your virtual airline.
    Download the file and unzip the clarity folder to your phpvms skins directory via ftp - phpvms/lib/skins
    Documentation is included in the zip folder
    Requires a phpVMS installation of
    Footer Link
    We appreciate you downloading our skin for phpVMS and ask you to please keep the footer link to us "Developed by Creation Web"
    If you keep this in the footer we will happily backlink to your website. Just send us a message with your airline name, logo and site url. This will help boost your SEO as well!
    Bug Reports
    Please report any bugs to us at services@creationweb.uk or leave a comment on this download.
    Notice for Customers who have purchased Clarity Crew Center in the past
    If you have purchased this theme from us in the past, then you will be entitled to a free copy of Clarity Admin Skin on release.
    Ver 1.2 - 22/01/2021
    Fixed php array issue on flights in progress. Special thanks to ProAvia 😙  
    Ver 1.1 - 19/11/2020
    Drop down notifications. Showing the latest activity for the airline Air Mail compatibility with Drop down notifications Latest Pilots on front page Flight board on front page Current Metar for your location on crew center main page Button to return to main site Downloads page optimization Booked flight page fixes Previous flights page fixes Hub page fixes  
    Ver 1.0 - 21/04/2020
    Initial Release


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