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  1. Update: Have been away on work for a while. Still able to provide skins for virtual airlines. Please message me directly Thanks Chad
  2. Hi all, It's been a long time since I have been on here. Been very busy with business and other clients. I am happy to announce I am offering phpVMS skinning services for just £80 / $116 So what does that mean for you ? Fully responsive skins Built with bootstrap and latest HTML5 & CSS3 Technology. Fully customized pilot center Unlimited pages SEO Included Service takes around 5 working days depending on customer demands. All you need to get a unique Virtual airline website up and running. Contact me either via PM or visit my website www.chaddonoghue.co.uk
  3. No worries guys I appreciate the heads up that I was given !
  4. Thanks for the heads up, thing is when I found this it was open source on another site but you showing me this I will now get in contact with the dev and see what can be done. Taken down until further notice. Sorry guys
  5. Maxx is a minimal & simple skin for PHPVMS. Offering a professional look whilst keeping it simple ! Features Fully custom pilot center Built with Twitter Bootstrap Clean, Responsive Design Good typography and large photography Built with {less} Responsive design Drop down menu Free lifetime updates Free product support 24/7 Demo pages (coming soon) Order now - Unavailable until further notice Demo - Unavailable until further notice (this may change soon so don't be alarmed) Demo Login - CHT0002 - Pass - demo123 FAQ Q. Why do I have to buy the theme, why isn't it free ?
  6. This looks rather interesting. Will keep an eye on this
  7. It's working great in the schedule briefing I really appreciate your help ! When trying to call the following functions they pull no data <?php echo $airline->name; ?>
  8. Oh right ok. Thanks Simpilot, I'll have a mess around now and see what I can do thank you
  9. Taking one look at your site now and you have major Javascript conflicts. May I suggest looking at the link below and look at my post and give that a try. Any issues then report back on this forum http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/21979-jquery-for-bootstrap-and-no-route-passed/
  10. Hey guys, Not the best when it comes to this and will need a little help. I am looking to implement something which seems simple, for each schedule I want to be able to add "Airline which operates this route" with the option to add an airline logo. So with this added, on schedule search it will show in the results the airline logo on each individual schedule and also on the briefing page and live flight map. If anyone knows of how to do this or is willing to make it or guide me then that will be helpful. If payment is needed then I will pay you Many thanks & hope I made sense
  11. Thats too bad. Been looking for a paid client for a while now but with no luck at all. Everyone has stopped offering it for some reason
  12. Are you still offering custom acars ? Been trying to contact you but with no luck what so ever :/
  13. Try this, it worked for me In your header you will have something like this <script> $(document).ready(function() { //Retina Image $('img.retina').retina('@2x'); //LayerSlider Settings $('#layerslider').layerSlider({ skinsPath : 'images/layerslider_skins/', skin : 'borderlessdark', slideDelay : 5800, slideDirection : 'fade', thumbnailNavigation : false, navButtons : false, navStartStop : false, navPrevNext : true, hoverPrevNext : true, pauseOnHover : false, responsive : true }); </script> Place this line of code in so it looks like this "var $j = jQuery.noConflict();"
  14. Was thinking a demo of the skin would be nice
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