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  1. Hello dear community, we have a problem with our phpvms ver 2.1.v2.935 since a cpl of days whenever a pirep is filed by a pilot the counter of "total flights" and "total hours" are not updated. however the "total pay" and the "current location" are updated. we tried to reset the "Pilot Pirep Count" under the maintenance options but didn't achiev any results anyone a suggestion how we could solve this problems. thank you all in advance
  2. we try to avoid any copyright infrictions. we know how Lufthansa reacted in the past when it came to grant permission for Virtual Airlines
  3. our CEO is currently involved in the process
  4. DLH VIRTUAL ---- and the world belongs to you! We are a group of edicted hobby pilots and are operating DLH Virtual according Lufthansa timetable and fleet. All our routes are scheduled according the real flights and we also added cargo routes from Lufthansa. Our fleet consists of Airbus 319, 320, 321, 333, 346 and the " biggest " one A380 and Boeing 737 , 744 , 748 , MD11F and the newest 777F . DLH VIRTUAL is using customized ACARS, specially made for our needs. This system makes flying even more realistic - with booking system, overspeed shown and much more. We also offer a Training
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