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  1. Hello i was wondering if someone can help me with a skin. I was also wondering if they can put it on there for me
  2. Please visit www.boston-va.com
  3. jauger

    Need Help

    Yes it is i actully got it setup now and its up and running i got fivedev instead
  4. jauger


    Does anyone know how to get new skins for free or know how to make them.. i also want to know how to change pilots rank and hours... and to ask more questions when they sing up please help
  5. jauger

    Need Help

    Ok so i am using fivedev.net for web hosting and phpvms is already on the database it looks like but how do i actully install it so i can get it to work i am really stuck!
  6. Ok i just ordered fivedev.net the mini. and i just paid 12.95 for a domain its boston-va.com and i just ordered every thing about almost 2 hours ago and i cant setup the domain. is phpvms allready installed? and i think i need help hehe
  7. Just wondering if you could help me like do it i dont understand it i am lost thats the cpanel. the 22.png 66.png is my Account info and 11.png is what i got so far but dont know how to actually put it on my website or install and lastly 33.png is my website i did with basic upload from the template they gave me please help if you do it and you have a Virtual Airline ill let you advertise it there
  8. ok Thank you soo much i will shot you a email to tell you if its setup
  9. Thank you but would i upload it in file manager or something else?
  10. all i need is someone to put phpvms on it can you?
  11. i have a website from cc.co and its www.boston-va.co.cc and i need help with the whole webhost thing i dont have money that why i am useing a free webhost. i just want to have someone setup the website with webhost.com and put phpvms on it becouse i dont know how to do it i am only 15
  12. can you help me Tom build it please i am only dont understand it that much!
  13. is there anyway you could help me i am useing 000webhost.com
  14. Hello i am trying to get help with the PHPVMS i am not that good at it i am asking if someone can help me setup my website thing. its www.bostonflights.cc.co
  15. hello can someone help me setup a VA and all that cool stuff
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