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  1. Hi guys, first of all a big thanks to everyone who tried out my scripts and also thanks to the developer of phpvms and all the other scripts. Due to my private life and because i am building up 2 major virtual airlines, i dont have the time anymore which was required by all my other projects. Most of the scripts mentioned are ready to use but the problem is, that it would take so much changes on the basic phpvms, that it needs about 2 days or more to build in most of them. I would really like to give you the code but i dont even remember anymore what i changed at the core of phpvms (I have now 2 copies running but very customized). So far i have to stop with my support and further development. Maybe in a year when i am living in Kuopio (EFKU) i might have some more time but at the moment, i sadly havent even enough time for my girlfriend. Again, you guys did a great work and i will continue checking this forum to see what changed So long, tebin
  2. its easy, the error tells you that it cannot find the file at that place. In this case weather.tpl. Check if its realy weather.tpl because i can remember, that in later versions, i renamed it to weather.php but i am not sure. If so, you can just rename that file or the link in your template
  3. i coded some pdf script for my airline and i use it for long time now. however its not easy to install and you need to change some stuff (also a good server or you get some timeout problems) contact me.: info@tebinulrich.de
  4. maybe your flights do not have a flighttime?
  5. can you also make me a screenshot of how you configured the fuel.tpl?
  6. hmm i really do not know why.. i never coded something that calls for the airline in this script.. however you have a nice fleet
  7. hmm no it shouldnt, the script is not accessing this part of the table, but just a short question. could you make a screenshot of your phpvms_aircrafts and a screenshot of how you configured the script? then i may find the problem
  8. check if you have any spaces in your aircraft names. thats not allowed
  9. hmm check all your variables and check the names of the aircrafts. maybe there is something wrong because it should always work, no matter how much airlines you have there
  10. if($schedule->aircraft == 'B737700') { $fuelflow = $fuelflowB737; <- $reserves = $reservesB737; <- those both variables have to be changed as well for example this one would be $reservesB737700 } also do not add leading zero´s like you have here: $fuelflowATR72500 = 0760 ; $fuelflowE145 = 0810 ;
  11. i see at least one mistake $reservesATR 72-500 = 2500; you cannot write variables with spaces in it. also i would recommend you to avoid using "-" in variables if possible "no aircraft performance data available" only comes when the script cannot recognize your aircraft or there is no aircraft in the file which has the same code
  12. looks like there is a > too much somewhere
  13. please post the error so i can try to figure out whats the problem
  14. almost, its possible to decide if they have to be flown on that date. if you wish (like my first customer) you can select a date but the pilot can choose if he wants to fly on that date. if he wants, he can fly a day later or two or whatever and still file it. if you choose to have it more realistic, you can only fly it on the day which is selected by dispatcher and you have +24 hours time to file it.
  15. doublepost.. see answer below
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