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  1. Yash

    [Tutorial] SSL with phpVMS

    Okay here's a quick fix for SSL errors! 1. Download this software known as 'fnr' http://findandreplace.io/ 2. Download your /lib/skins/YOUR_SKIN_FOLDER folder to a particular folder. 3. Now run fnr. Click on Find field. Type there http:// 4. In the replace field, type https:// 5. Click on replace All 6. Reupload your skin folder. It should work now. ALSO DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE BACKUP OF YOUR CURRENT_SKIN_FOLDER
  2. Yash

    All Acars Not Working

    Have you downloaded the latest php files from their respective websites?
  3. Yash

    Mobile App for Virtual Airline

    Hello @onskadthecamel @flyalaska @mikaelartur, I will charge $75 for both .apk and .ipa extensions and further you may host on Google Play Store or App Store!
  4. Yash

    Flight 'snail trail' on the ACARS map

    Do you require something like this? http://vcrew.vistaravirtual.com/AirlineMap
  5. Yash

    Book flight in Map

    https://www.crazycreatives.com/downloads/advanced-flight-search/ You can download it from here and code it!
  6. Hello guys, I would like to know what all extra new modules are expected for/from a Virtual Airline. You may post features requests here too!
  7. Yash

    Revolutionary Crew Center!

    Did someone report mine thread ?
  8. Yash

    Revolutionary Crew Center!

    There are 100s of Paid skins here. Why are you targeting me only. I am watching these types of content only on this post. I dont know why are you behind me so much. Please chuck the topic here
  9. Yash

    Revolutionary Crew Center!

    Yeah one of my friend bought it..I gave him the money
  10. Yash

    Revolutionary Crew Center!

    We were under maintenance for last 6hrs because of which site was down. It's up and working now!
  11. Yash

    Revolutionary Crew Center!

    Okay now getting hex colors from any source is okay dude. They looked nice so did I took. If you are getting offended by it, Ill change them right away Also about the theme issue, I have legitimate copyright from the source. I can show it in personal if you want. Btw what made you think that it is not legitimate?
  12. Yash

    Revolutionary Crew Center!

    What are you saying @shakamonkey88? I used highcharts for making the Graph. Now dont say me that you own HighCharts. And yeah for CrazyCreatives modules they need to buy it seperately! I am giving all the info to the people who are messaging me.
  13. Yash

    Revolutionary Crew Center!

    Yes but a little more advanced features! Also, I myself am a developer of AFR Virtuel :p
  14. Yash

    Points System

    Hello there, I have created a Points System which checks the following things: * Exceeded 250 KIAS below 10,000 * Overspeed entered * Engine 2 is off before Filing PIREP * Distance of Flight * Different Points for Different Landing Rates Let me know if anyone is interested!
  15. Yash

    Create Points systems

    I have made a Points System with Auto Accept/Reject PIREP based on the landing rate. Are you interested in that?