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  1. You get the hosting and domain then when it runs out I get it transfered to you ones the host is run out.
  2. Hello Lads and Woman... Today me and my mate are Selling Qatar Virtual Airline 100%. The Reason for this is because me and him are busy and don't have time to own it. What you will get with the Virtual Airline... -A Domain -Hosting untill 25th of April -A Fully made website -A Fully working Entertainment System live Channels and Radio Inc -A Fully working Fuel Calculator and Flight time -Loads of already installed Modules inc Events and Screenshots -A Teamspeak 3 Server untill the 15/5/2012 -A website that won't need editing when you get it! -A Working Pilot Centre -KAcars install
  3. yeah but that forgot password thing does not work, I have tryed and it said its reset but it didnt?
  4. @twelka3 I was going to sell because I no longer had time for the virtual, I did decided to stick with it but real life comes before the virtual airlines. I would rather sell and give pilots an active virtual than a badly maintained va
  5. Hello Mate, I was wondering if you could change my VA Central Email and Password? I have lost my password for it. I have sent you a message with my details. Please reply... George
  6. Belive so just got to talk to my COO Join us on TS3 ip:
  7. Hello Ladys & Gents of all ages. Angel air is Currently Recruiting Pilots of ANY age and they do not need ANY Experience and if you want to learn more we can teach you. Angel Air Currently have just updated our Website to look EVEN better and now we want the pilots to join too, We even have a Team Speak 3 Server so we can talk as a community and you will not need to fly by your self, And if you would like some training WE can do it for you. We can show you how to fly FSX, FS9 and nearly ALL Aircraft, We also can so ILS landings and how to talk to VATSIM OR IVAO Controllers. We also do M
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