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  1. DanL

    Fleet Table

    Hi I have been trying for awhile to figure this out without much success. I am still very new to this Is it possible to take out the download column? And if you can how do you? thanks
  2. DanL

    VA Fleet Mod. 09/07/2011

    I know this is a bit of a thread revival but is there a way for the table to only show active aircraft? Thanks
  3. DanL

    Virtual-Dispatch Help

    Hi all I did a search and came up with a few results but nothing came from those topics. Im looking to integrate virtual-dispatch and my virtual airline, has anyone come up with a way to do it yet? Just curious as I think it would be a cool little thing to offer. Cheers
  4. DanL

    Deleting Aircraft

  5. DanL

    Deleting Aircraft

    Hi I did a search but the result was not helpful... Is there a way to delete aircraft that were once active but now are not. I do not mean just enabling or unenabling the aircraft, I mean delete it altogether so it does not show up in the admin panel. thanks
  6. Hello all, GlobeAero virtual is now live. The website is virtualglobeaero.com. And please note that the skin is temporary there will be a new one on shortly. GlobeAero simulates an ACMI and charter type airline, with realistic operations and fleet. We have pilot bases in Bristol (EGGD) and Dubai (OMDB) but obviously the kind of flying we do takes us all over the world. There are some scheduled flights but pilots are free to fly any charter they want, basically. As of right now our fleet includes, 1 A321, 1 B738, 1 B732 (Africa contract) , 1 Metroliner (Africa contract also) and a recently leased MD11F for a cargo contract out of Bahrain. Vatsim is recommended- IVAO can be used too- but neither of these are mandatory yet. And in the event they do become mandatory, pilots who sign up now but don't wish to fly online, don't have to when it becomes mandatory. We are young, but hoping to grow. If you want something different in a va come check us out. Come fly the globe with GlobeAero Thanks Dan