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    Invalid argument supplied

    Nvm, fixed it, removed the stuff I didn't need from the function.
  2. danielp1997

    Invalid argument supplied

    Hi All of a sudden, a message has been appearing around the website: This is the piece of code that is causing the error, which is the same as I've always used and has never caused any problems: $pilotid = PilotData::GetPilotCode(Auth::$userinfo->code, Auth::$userinfo->pilotid); $id = PilotData::getProperPilotID($pilotid); There has never been any problems with this and all of a sudden it just started. Line 189 is "foreach($airlines as $a)" with the surrounding function - none of it has been modified. /** * Parse a pilot ID from a passed ID * * @param int $pilotid Pass the ID string * @return int Returns the integer database ID * */ public static function parsePilotID($pilotid) { if(!is_numeric($pilotid)) { $airlines = OperationsData::getAllAirlines(); foreach($airlines as $a) { $a->code = strtoupper($a->code); if(strpos($pilotid, $a->code) === false) { continue; } $pilotid = intval(str_ireplace($a->code, '', $pilotid)); $pilotid = $pilotid - Config::Get('PILOTID_OFFSET'); } } return $pilotid; } Your help is appreciated, Thanks
  3. danielp1997

    Multiple rows for each current flight

    I thought it was something to do with this: http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/20691-admin-and-acars-timeout-errors/ I followed the steps though, and nothing changed, so I though I'd make a post here.
  4. Hello, I'm currently experiencing some problems with the 'Live Flight Information' page. When visiting the page, there are two, three and sometimes four of the same flight being displayed on the page. The weird thing is, I have reset the aCARS Table through phpVMS Admin panel, and have manully emptied the table through phpMyAdmin. When all the currently connected aCARS reconnect to the website, it is doing exactly the same thing again. When I go and browse the acars data table through phpMyAdmin, there is only one of each flight, as it should be. Here are some screnshots: aCARs Table in phpMyAdmin: Live Flight Information page (frontend): Thanks in advanced, I hope this issue can be solved. Daniel
  5. danielp1997

    PIREP Airport Filter

    Hi, Would anybody please have a snippet of code that I can add to my pending PIREPs page, which has a drop down of the airports stored in my phpvms_airports database? When selecting an airport, it will filter the PIREPs to show only those with a departure/arrival airport of the one selected? I hope that makes sense, Thank you in advanced. Daniel