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    error in admin page

    Hello I have installed the phpvms_V2-php70 Catchable fatal error: Argument 2 passed to curl_setopt_array() must be of the type array, null given, called in /home/fransxp287/domains/simulationicenter.com/public_html/citybird/core/classes/CodonWebService.class.php on line 71 and defined in /home/fransxp287/domains/simulationicenter.com/public_html/citybird/core/classes/CodonWebService.class.php on line 126 any help 😯😉😉
  2. If you are a flight-simmer, searching for a virtual airline that is operational over Europe, extended with some long-haul operations , well known locations,. then join Europe Airlines today. Our philosophy is to ensure realism, as much as possible but we aim for a minimum of realism in our hobby. Some pilots flying on different networks are very welcome and also for users of FS2004 (FS9),FSX FS-Steam Xplane and Prepare 3D. visit us today at http://www.europeairlines-va.org
  3. Europe Airlines EUP reopened their activities after several years of absence. the site is in final stage We are ready for recruting Pilots, You must be 14 year or older and flying on Vatsim or Ivao Europe Virtual Airlines projecting the real Europe Airlines today world. From our Hubs, we offer passenger as well as cargo flights to the entire world We to fly in a more structured way, we offer a database with extensive flight plans to choose from. We use the most modern equipment for you to fly, . Feel free to join us.
  4. FransVranken

    More airlines on 1 website use the same database

    yes but i mean like this http://www.svagroup.org/ can Y give the airline his own layout?
  5. FransVranken

    Jet Direct Virtual Opens for Business

    works fine for me
  6. If is this possibe to make a create a website with 3 different va on the same database with phpvms ? Example users can make a choice for 3 va on a main page sorry for my fauts