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  1. Vangelis, sorry for late answer but moving our server was not effective but was our solution. It works good for now but a new problem occured like that, we can't edit pireps, it says "Invalid PIREP" after pushing "save" button.
  2. I tried a clean PHPVms setup, still same. I tried to add a schedule, it said "added succesfully" but no entry in database. But i tried to register, and it is in database. Can it be something about MySQL server or MySQL client?
  3. Hi there guys, let me explain the problem we have for about 3 days. Everything was good untill our web host provider decided to update their servers. After that, database connection both works, and doesn't work. I can see schedule, pilots and other things, if there was no database connection i wouldn't be able to see them. But somehow pireps are gone(they are not gone from database but website) , for example it says "No pireps have been filled" even though they are in database. Problem is , pirep system is somehow gone, we cant file a pirep. I even tried updating phpvms 5.4.x to 5.5.x(simpilotgroup) it didnt work.
  4. Hi there! As Air Anatolia VA , we're new on phpvms system and currently we are still stylizing. I was planning to change aircraft icons, there was 360 images files for each heading.Rotating,saving...rotating saving...just boring! And i noticed that ystem works like that in acarsmap.js ; It gets the heading data , and takes the image! I have an idea to simply that but i dont know anything about javascript :/ here is my idea; What if there is just one image file for aircraft icon , and javascript turns it by codes as the heading? Is it possible? If its possible and easy , can anyone help me? Thanks a lot!
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