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  1. Hi Guys, What im trying to do is when a manual PIREP is submitted on my website I need the arricao to go into a custom field in my aircraft table called location. I have tried changing this section in PIREPData.class.php but it don't work: $sql = "INSERT INTO ".TABLE_PREFIX."pireps( `pilotid`, `code`, `flightnum`, `depicao`, `arricao`, `location`, `route`, `route_details`, `distance`, `aircraft`, `flighttime`, `flighttime_stamp`, `landingrate`, `submitdate`, `accepted`, `log`, `load`, `fuelused`, `expenselist`, `source`, `pob`, `exported`, `rawdata`) VALUES ( {$pirepdata['pilotid']}, '{$pirepdata['code']}', '{$pirepdata['flightnum']}', '{$pirepdata['depicao']}', '{$pirepdata['arricao']}', '{$pirepdata['arricao']}', '{$pirepdata['route']}', '{$pirepdata['route_details']}', '{$pirepdata['distance']}', '{$pirepdata['aircraft']}', '{$pirepdata['flighttime']}', '{$flighttime_stamp}', '{$pirepdata['landingrate']}', NOW(), ".PIREP_PENDING.", '{$pirepdata['log']}', '{$pirepdata['load']}', '{$pirepdata['fuelused']}', '0', '{$pirepdata['source']}', '{$pirepdata['pob']}', {$pirepdata['exported']}, '{$pirepdata['rawdata']}')"; Any Ideas how to simply put the arricao in the arricao field and in my extra location field in my SQL table? Many Thanks Scott
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    Hello, I was just thinking about it the other day if there is anyway of using a php file instead of a tpl as I can understand how to make things better in just a php file rather than working it into phpvms Many Thanks Scott
  3. thanks got it to work now
  4. Hello I have set up a module in my phpvms and when I link my button in the nav bar it show to everybody as normal but what I would like to do is only show the button to people in a group I have made up in the admin panel. I have found this but it doesn't work just returns and error on the line with the link on. <?php if(Auth::UserInGroup('GroupName')) { echo '<li>Your link here</li>'; } ?> Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks
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