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  1. I only use Chrome and FF. But I see your site does work. Hmmm...
  2. Here is my latest flight. KFAT-KLAX ROUTE: AVE SADDE6 SCHED: http://www.lunickair.com/index.php/schedules/details/1 PIREP: http://www.lunickair.com/index.php/pireps/view/5 As you can see, on the schedule, the map doesn't display the route. It only shows the icons for Departure and Arrival. On the PIREP, it shows the route flown including NAV markers. R/ Pollixx P.S. I'd link the route from http://rfinder.asalink.net/free/ but someone broke it.
  3. It should be good now. I had to go into the db and update the lat/long. I've noticed that the lines show up after PIREPs are submitted, but for initial "schedule details" page, the map still doesn't show a line between departure and arrival for the route. I'll dig deeper and see if something is missing between the two.
  4. EDIT: Ok just to appease my sanity, I went into my db (phpvms_navdata) and looked up CZQ. All of the points listed for CZQ are coming up with a latitude of 0.000000 and longitude of -119.815102. This would explain why it's pointing down toward the equator. I switched to http://rfinder.asalink.net/free/ and updated my routes accordingly. -The red line is removed between departures and arrivals: http://www.lunickair.com/index.php/schedules/details/8 -Flight LUN1031 (KSFO-KFAT) ROUTE: KSFO SID CZQ V165 TTE STAR KFAT -When I review the map of a submitted pirep: http://www.lunickair.com/index.php/pireps/view/4 The waypoints are down at the bottom of the pacific. I'll keep looking, but I've done 2 fresh installs of the files thinking maybe something was missed, but nothing. Thanks for the help, and I'll update if I find anything. R/ Pollixx
  5. Route: AVE SADDE6 I usually get my route information from: http://simroutes.com Then in the routes block of the flight, I just input the route. Is there a different way to do it? I don't see another page/link to input a route. Cheers, Pollixx
  6. Enjoying a 3-day weekend!

  7. Pollixx

    Blue Plains

    I really like this template! I've modified it a little bit to suit my needs. I only have one problem atm. All of my pages, but one look fine. When you look at a flight, http://www.lunickair.com/index.php/schedules/details/1 My right column shows up at the bottom. I've adjusted the google map and graph and it still shows at the bottom. None of my other pages have this issue but this one. I've looked all over the different templates, but cannot find a solution.
  8. EDIT: Ok, I tried one last ditch effort, and it seems if I remove a route that I input when I create/edit a schedule, I'm able to see the red line connecting arrival/departure. However, now I'm unable to provide a route to my pilots w/o the map not providing me a line. Suggestions? R/ pollixx --------------- Hello Nabeel! I've been a member for a couple of weeks now after discovering your airline administration. Since I always like to have the latest and greatest on everything, I've installed the latest beta (rev 879) on my website of phpvms. I have only come across one issue when viewing the route map from any flight. I do not get a line which connects Departure icon and Arrival icon like I have in the past. This is a fresh install with a new db. It does this with the default skin as well as the other one I use. I have also updated my db with the navdata.sql.gz file in the install directory. REF: index.php/schedules/details/1
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