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  1. It should hopefully be fixed in the next version
  2. Do you have logs? Have you tested with/without acars in the same situation? Acars only connects to simconnect, there's nothing running inside of msfs. What other addons are you running?
  3. I think I put in there how much time they were stopped as a field? If not, I think I can add that pretty easily
  4. Can you DM me on Discord or DM me your IP address here?
  5. Hey, try updating to the latest .Net 6 desktop release. And then delete all of the files and do a fresh download. This looks like it wasn't able to unpack all of the files and there is a dependency missing
  6. Do you have a SimConnect.ini file in the ACARS directory? If so, can you try deleting it
  7. Nabeel


    Yeah, there are plans, but it was a little tricky in the earlier msfs days. I haven't revisited it yet, but I will
  8. Hi David, Which folder did you place it in? Do you have a screenshot?
  9. Hi, there is a translation for that already https://github.com/nabeelio/phpvms/tree/dev/resources/lang/pt-br Set the lang to pt-br
  10. I'm working on the setting so someone can set locally if it follows the system, or select Light/Dark. I've added to my list to have the possibility to choose different images for light/dark for that banner
  11. It does support transparency, does that help?
  12. Looks like there was an issue saving to the local database. Thanks for the logs, let me look into it more
  13. Can you send the full logs on Discord? Usually it's some issue server-side
  14. It doesn't save you much; the same calculations still need to happen to determine which points are going to cross the boundary. So you'd only omit drawing that single line segment, instead of calculating where that last segment would intersect the date line. But for drawing out the route, you can't omit that, since it's a pretty large line that's spanning it. The way I have it, it's the same code which splits the line up. The interesting thing I found in my research was the recommendation in the GeoJSON spec on how to handle it: https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/rfc7946#section-3.1.9 Anyway - I have something working now that I'm going to push to alpha, if you want to try. Shoot me a message on Discord if you're not in the alpha distro list.
  15. Yeah, this is a limitation of the mapping library I'm using, since it doesn't "infinite scroll" the maps. I believe it's on their roadmap. But thanks for the suggestion, I have something like that on my mind, where if there's one point to another point, and it intersects the date line, turn into that into 2 separate segments, so from p1 -> dateline, dateline -> p2. I just haven't quite done the research or looked into the math to determine whether there is a crossing of that boundary, but also, getting the coordinates of where it's intersected, to draw that out. On a quick search I see https://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/83425/splitting-linestrings-on-dateline-with-openlayers But any other suggestions on an algorithm would be great. We can discuss it on Discord too. I'll probably end up doing some research about this over the next few days to finally get it off my list
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