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    Pilot Auto Retire vs Admin Center Status

    I am not sure which one is the answer to your question about which version phpvms we have. The phpVMS database homepage has these two versions showing over on the right. MySQL shows Server version: 5.6.25-log phpMyAdmin shows Version information: Is there another place I should be looking for the version number? I did some testing and found out that smartCARS will not allow login with any status other than Active. I did confirm that our Retired pilots do in fact have a 3 in their retired column in the database. However, when I look at the View All Pilots in the Admin Center on our website the pilots that have been auto changed to Retired status shows a status there of On Leave, not Inactive like I would have thought. What comes next for these Retired pilots if they don't fly another flight? Do they stay in the database forever? Or are they deleted automatically by phpvms after some period of time? If so, at what point does that happen? Thanks for any ideas you may have. Jerry
  2. Our VA has just hit the 90 day mark since we started with phpVMS and we primarily use smartCARS. Therefore some of our pilots are starting to get their status changed automatically as we wanted. They receive an email like this -- Hi John Doe, You have been marked as retired because you have been inactive for more than 90 days. To be un-retired, you must file a PIREP. Thanks, VA Management Team. My question is about them being told they have been marked as retired, however, when I look at their status in phpVMS Admin Center they are all showing up as On Leave status. The only choices for status in the Admin Center are; Active, Inactive, On Leave and Banned. I was thinking On Leave would be for people that request LOA status due to real world commitments, health issues, etc. Why would the retired pilots go to On Leave? Is this the way it is supposed to work? Or is there something else my settings need to make Retired pilots become Inactive status instead of On Leave? The second question is about the email telling them they just need to file a PIREP to be un-retired when smartCARS won't let them log in if they are not active. Are we missing something to make all this work like it should? Thanks for any help you can provide. Jerry
  3. HondaJet

    New to php; have some questions

    That did help and got me pointed in the right direction; mine was set the same as you showed in your post - Thank you. When I look at the pilot record for status I only see these options there - Active, Inactive, Banned, On Leave. Is Retired an option that is done automatically by the system? What is the distinction between retired and inactive as far as what it does to the pilot? What happens if I set the Rank autocalculate to True in the local.config? It is False right now. I hope I am not asking too much here. I also found the location in the admin center to delete a pilot. You were a big help to a novice. Maybe someone else will come alone with the answer to the maximum number of rows for the import csv file. Jerry
  4. What happens when a pilot stops flying after 30 or 45 days? Does php automatically delete them or put them "inactive" status; or something else? What is the difference between Inactive and On Leave as far as how php handles the pilot? I did not see a way to delete a pilot if they say they no longer want to fly; how can I do that? Is there a max limit of how many routes can be done on one .csv import file? Thanks for the help to a newbie, Jerry
  5. HondaJet

    No Route passed

    We have just transitioned our VA from VAFS to php with smartCARS. We quickly found that anyone that tries to use IE as a browser has had this "No Route Passed" error. As soon as they changed to Firefox or Chrome they are able to get their routes. Try it and judge for yourself. Jerry
  6. HondaJet

    PHP Documents?

    We are just 3 days old setting up PHP for our VA using smartCARS. We have various issues due to fuel, pax and cargo prices among others and would like to review the PHP manuals. I found this link to phpVMS documentation in the control panel -- http://www.phpvms.net/docs/doku.php. However, every link we try is a deadend going to this note; "Not Found The requested URL /docs/setting_up_your_airline was not found on this server." There are a lot of subjects we would like to check out in that list but can't as almost all of them come up this way. Can you point me to the current location of these phpVMS User Guide subjects please? Thanks, Jerry