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    Issues Adding Airports

    What Attitude I think you assuming. The last person didn't explain their selfs on how to do it. You do not need to remind me about anything so look who is doing the attitude now its you.
  2. virginvirtualscinc

    Issues Adding Airports

    So where in the local.config.php do i need to put these in Config::Set('AIRPORT_LOOKUP_SERVER', 'phpvms'); Config::Set('PHPVMS_API_SERVER', 'http://api.vacentral.net'); Come on i need help or i will get it from someone else off phpVMS
  3. virginvirtualscinc

    Issues Adding Airports

    Ah no it doesn't at all. I am using phpVMS_5.5.x Cheers
  4. virginvirtualscinc

    Issues Adding Airports

    Folks, Seeing if you can help me. I am trying to add ICAO KORD not added... retriving information: Could not retrieve information for KORD, add it manually This is the Current i have in the app.config Config::Set('AIRPORT_LOOKUP_SERVER', 'phpvms'); Config::Set('PHPVMS_API_SERVER', 'http://api.vacentral.net'); Config::Set('PHPVMS_NEWS_FEED', 'http://feeds.feedburner.com/phpvms'); Config::Set('VACENTRAL_NEWS_FEED', 'http://feeds.feedburner.com/vacentral'); Config::Set('GEONAME_API_SERVER', 'http://ws.geonames.org'); Got over 350 Airports and more to add and cannot really do nothing not adding them in manually it will take me to much time. Can anyone please help asap. Much Appreciated