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  1. No that can't be. It still doesn't work for me. :/
  2. Okay. Thank you for the help, I would check if I could but my tfdidesign and my website isn't loading at all. This is what I get: http://prntscr.com/dnv8nv If you can help me that would be great.. I've tried basically everything. Everything else but that website and my virtual airline's website works.
  3. Hello, I am starting my virtual airline and I have recently been looking more into the automated emails that are sent out when pilots register. I was hoping to change the email that is sent out after pilots are accepted, so they can get the teamspeak information and link to the pilot handbook automatically, instead of me having to email everyone personally to make sure they have the login. I have attached below some pictures of what I have changed the email to, and what is actually sent upon account activation. My website link is http://westjetvirtual.com. If you need any other information please let me know. Thank you to all that help me, Jonny
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