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  1. CanadaAirVirtual

    Disk Usage

    Hello, I noticed our VA's disk usage increased from 2.15 GB to 2.24 GB in 7 days. We can have anywhere between 300 to 500 pireps in a week. Is it normal to use 92.16 MB in a week? Thanks
  2. CanadaAirVirtual

    Cron job help

    Awesome, I have now setup a cron-job to run the maintenance script once a day, thank you for the assistance ProAvia!
  3. CanadaAirVirtual

    Cron job help

    Did I do something wrong?...28 hours and not 1 reply, how disappointing. How are we (newbies) supposed to learn anything?
  4. CanadaAirVirtual

    Airport look up don't work

    I followed this tutorial , Airport - Look up now works! Airport info API https://www.virtualairlines.eu/index.php/Blog
  5. CanadaAirVirtual

    Out of memory

    Has anyone yet achieved a cron job that archives pireps older than 3 month and removes them from the main table?
  6. CanadaAirVirtual

    Cron job help

    I think I figured it out. Would I not just navigate to /core/local.config.php, then replace the following script Config::Set('USE_CRON', false); with this Config::Set('USE_CRON', true); then add the following command to a cron job php /home/canadaai/public_html/admin/maintenance.php Any help/assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  7. CanadaAirVirtual

    Cron job help

    How would I go about setting up the below cron job, or can anyone direct myself to any tutorials on how. Our VA runs phpVMS Version simpilot 5.5.2 Cron If you have the ability, it's best to setup a cron-job to run the maintenance script. The command to add is: php -f /home/canadaai/public_html/admin/maintenance.php It's recommended to run this sometime between 2-6am (pick an artibrary time when you would least-likely have any flights). Also, remember to change in local.config.php, USE_CRON to true, so phpVMS doesn't try to automatically schedule these tasks to run. Note: If you setup the cron to run, it's recommended to also run it by hand once to ensure data is populated, unless you want to wait for it to run automatically.
  8. CanadaAirVirtual

    Canada Air Virtual

    Our vision at Canada Air Virtual is simply to return enjoyment to your hobby of flight simulation. Just as our slogan says "It's your time to fly" so enjoy yourself and have fun! Canada Air Virtual offers a professional and friendly environment with a active yet relaxed staff team structure and welcomes all virtual pilots regardless of skill level. Canada Air Virtual is a fictional virtual airline that simulates the operations of a fictitious airline company "Canada Air". We base our operations on real world scenarios but our pilots are free to explore the whole world as we only exist in the fictional virtual world of flight simulation and are not tied to real world airline hubs, fleets and schedules. Pilots of Canada Air Virtual enjoy the flexibility to fly any aircraft, livery, and route or charter flight at any time. All accumulated proven hours from a virtual airline, VATSIM or IVAO networks are accepted at Canada Air Virtual We fully support Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, Microsoft Flight Simulator Steam Edition, Prepar3D, and X-Plane. SOME OF OUR FEATURES* Fly online VATSIM / IVAO or offline in your own private virtual world.* Our custom built ACARS (CAVacars) from FS Products takes the trouble out of setting up each flight and capable of recording "multiple landings" in the same flight.* Over 10,000 scheduled routes and constantly growing.* Unlimited charter flights (which allows you the freedom to create your own route from any airport in the world to your favorite payware scenery destinations)* Over 130 airline partners from around the world and growing* Fly our scheduled routes, any of our airline partners or simply make up your own custom charter flight.* Regular online group flights / fly-in events.* New tours created monthly.* Pilot Awards.* Fleet Downloads* Custom pilot dashboard* TeamSpeak 3 server* Pilot community forum (Auto forum registration when registering at Canada Air Virtual) * Pilots % discount for Simaddons scenery * Visit us at: http://canadaairvirtual.ca