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  1. We made progress today by leaps and bounds, thank you for the reply! My top 3 mysteries have been solved with some more setup and attention. An airport DB has been provided with the module and is now imported. This leaves me with a few key questions... • Does anyone have a fairly complete PLANES database? I understand it was probably a lot of work to enter the data, and i'm willing to recognize that time! • Is there any way I can put a special icon on a group of pilots? I'd like our subscribers to have a custom icon. • Is there a way a specific tier of pilots can receive 2x miles or something of the sort?
  2. Really good questions @ProAvia! In all modes, being allowed to fly whatever you want, wherever you want it. Three modes. A Job Generator that helps you with imagination by telling you where you could fly. For this task I have the Crazy Creatives Job Generator. Open flights, the entire world flyable from whatever icao to whatever icao. For this task I have the Crazy Creatives Charter Extended module. Tours, you fly a plan we plot out, you get rewarded. For this task I have the Crazy Creatives Tour Module. Are there better options? Did I get the right products? Setting them up seems to be a PITA, i don't have airports, i don't have planes... From what I could tell: Copyright © 2007 - 2017 phpVMS, nsslive.net License & About | Version simpilot 5.5.2 I do, but would prefer to PM it since it's not yet launched. I don't feel like its ready to release to the community yet, which leads me here.
  3. We dove into this head first and I've got some questions but need a seasoned pro to say "no bro, you can't do this" or "I have an idea on how you can do that!" We've got a fully operational site, professionally installed & designed, and a community ready to jump into it. The issue is, until it's able to do what I'm hoping it can do, we just can't open the doors just yet. I'm technical, i'm professional, and I could really use the help. It could easily turn into paid work if you're a solutions oriented kinda aviator. -e
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