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  1. PetitJedi

    Pilots detail : empty (SOLVED)

    Hi all, I met a little trouble. Indeed, I have the list of pilots (pilots & group --> view all pilots) that appears in my dashboard. But when I click on "edit", I have an empty page I reloaded the files to see if I had a problem but nothing to do have you ever encountered this type of problem? I'm in phpvms 5.5.2 Php 5.6 Thanks for you help Best Regards Laurent
  2. PetitJedi

    Map is not showing on the bids page

    Hy I had a map problem that was not displayed on the pirep. The problem was just the type of field in the database. If it's the same problem, it's just the fields that can not contain all the information of the flight. Look in your database, table "pireps" and look at the type of fields for "rawdata", if you are in type "text" pass in "mediumtext". On the other hand you have to make a flight to check that it is that. good luck
  3. PetitJedi

    Mysql database fields

    Hy all, I search the list of fields of the various tables and their meanings Do you know if there is that somewhere? if it exists of course. For example in the table "pilots", there are the fields "rankid" and "ranklevel" Rankid I understood that it was referring to the table "rank" (fields rankid) but "ranklevel" I do not see what he's referring to Same, always in the table "pilots" the field "gid" ?? what is the value (ex: VAbbVIDP or LFBOLICJ) in advance thank you for your answers Best regards