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  1. Could be useful if it wasn't so expensive 🙂
  2. I’m not sure there aren’t any live flights. I just want to basically leave a line where the aircraft has been (so you can see detail like the route on which it taxiied) and then a dotted line from it’s current position to the destination.
  3. Hi Guys This has probably been asked before, but I would really love to find a way I can put a live 'track' of the aircraft that shows an accurate history of where the Aircraft has been and a dotted line from it's current position to the destination. Similar to how FR24 does it. This would need to be displayed when someone clicks on the aircraft in the ACARS Map instead of just a straight line from Departure to Arrival Cheers in advance
  4. Surely this has been asked before, but I'd really like to implement a FR24 style flight tracker that when you click on the aircraft, instead of just showing a straight line from Dep to Arr, it shows a clear line where the aircraft has been, and a dotted line where it has got to go to. Cheers in advance
  5. @simpilot Would you be able to help? this is urgent!
  6. I just booked a few on the demo account - try clearing your cache.
  7. @servetas, dmeo account details: Username: ANZ101 Password: demokoru
  8. Yeah, added bid and then tried still no luck - will setup a demo account for you @servetas
  9. Website URL www.crew.koruvirtual.co.nz
  10. Hi. yes the schedule very much exists. That is my local.config.php in its entirety
  11. Hi again I did a flight this afternoon on SmartCARs, and finished, clicked 'File PIREP' and SmartCARS confirmed PIREP filing. I checked on the website. It hadn't. So I attempted to file a Manual PIREP, returning this error: There was an error adding your PIREP : Schedule does not exist. Please update this manually. The entire form was filled out completely correctly, and I have retried multiple times. I found a similar situation somewhere else, and that lead me to discover my local.config.php seems to be truncated. I tried reinstalling phpvms elsewhere, but that also returned a truncated local.config.php My local.config.php is attached, if that has anything to do with the problem I am having. I need this fixed ASAP! <?php /** * This is the phpVMS Main Configuration File * * This file won't be modified/touched by future versions * of phpVMS, you can change your settings here * * There may also be additional settings in app.config.php * To change it, copy the line into this file here, for the * settings to take effect * */ Config::Set('DEBUG_MODE', false); Config::Set('DEBUG_LEVEL', 1); // 1 logs query errors, 2 logs all queries Config::Set('ERROR_LEVEL', E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE); define('DBASE_USER', '*username*'); define('DBASE_PASS', '*password*'); define('DBASE_NAME', '*database*'); define('DBASE_SERVER', 'localhost'); define('DBASE_TYPE', 'mysqli'); define('TABLE_PREFIX', 'phpvms_'); define('SITE_URL', 'http://crew.koruvirtual.co.nz'); # Page encoding options Config::Set('PAGE_ENCODING', 'ISO-8859-1'); # Clean URLs - set this to true, and then uncomment # the lines indicated in the .htaccess file Config::Set('URL_REWRITE', false); # Maintenance mode - this disables the site to non-admins Config::Set('MAINTENANCE_MODE', false); Config::Set('MAINTENANCE_MESSAGE', 'We are currently down for maintenance, please check back soon.'); /* Whether you have the /admin/maintenance.php script added into cron. If you do, set this to true. This saves many DB calls since phpVMS will have to 'fake' a cron-job */ Config::Set('USE_CRON', false); Config::Set('CHECK_RELEASE_VERSION', true); Config::Set('CHECK_BETA_VERSION', false); # See more details about these in the docs Config::Set('PAGE_EXT', '.htm'); # .htm is fine. You can still run PHP Config::Set('PILOTID_OFFSET', 0); # What # to start pilot ID's from Config::Set('PILOTID_LENGTH', 4); # Length of the Pilot ID Config::Set('UNITS', 'nm'); # Your units: nm, mi or km Config::Set('LOAD_FACTOR', '82'); # %age load factor Config::Set('CARGO_UNITS', 'lbs'); # After how long to mark a pilot inactive, in days Config::Set('PILOT_AUTO_RETIRE', true); Config::Set('PILOT_INACTIVE_TIME', 90); # Automatically confirm pilots? Config::Set('PILOT_AUTO_CONFIRM', false); # Automatically calculate ranks? Config::Set('RANKS_AUTOCALCULATE', true); # For how many hours a pilot can edit their submitted PIREP (custom fields only) Config::Set('PIREP_CUSTOM_FIELD_EDIT', '48'); # If someone places a bid, whether to disable that or not Config::Set('DISABLE_SCHED_ON_BID', true); Config::Set('DISABLE_BIDS_ON_BID', false); # If you want to count transfer hours in rank calculations Config::Set('TRANSFER_HOURS_IN_RANKS', false); # The StatsData::UserOnline() function - how many minutes to check Config::Set('USERS_ONLINE_TIME', 20); # Google Map Options Config::Set('MAP_WIDTH', '800px'); Config::Set('MAP_HEIGHT', '600px'); # Valid types are G_NORMAL_MAP, G_SATELLITE_MAP, G_HYBRID_MAP, G_PHYSICAL_MAP Config::Set('MAP_TYPE', 'G_PHYSICAL_MAP'); Config::Set('MAP_LINE_COLOR', '#ff0000'); Config::Set('MAP_CENTER_LAT', '45.484400'); Config::Set('MAP_CENTER_LNG', '-62.334821'); Config::Set('MAP_ZOOM_LEVEL', 12); # ACARS options # Minutes, flights to show on the ACARS # Default is 720 minutes (12 hours) Config::Set('ACARS_LIVE_TIME', 720); Config::Set('ACARS_DEBUG', false); # This is your airline's twitter account, if it exists Config::Set('TWITTER_AIRLINE_ACCOUNT', ''); Config::Set('TWITTER_ENABLE_PUSH', false); Config::Set('TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY', ''); Config::Set('TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET', ''); Config::Set('TWITTER_OAUTH_TOKEN', ''); Config::Set('TWITTER_OAUTH_SECRET', ''); /* This is the unit of money. For non-dollars, use : Dollars ($), enter "$" Euro ( Any and all help is much appreciated!
  12. Hi all, I'm trying to sort out a jumpseat function for my pilots - and I've gotten fairly far. What I need now is a way for VMS to establish the location change and deduct from the pilot's current balance, on the click of a 'Submit' button. <div class="box box-primary"> <div class="box-header with-border"> <h3 class="box-title">Jumpseat</h3> </div> <div class="box-body"> <b>Current Location:</b> <?php $search = array( 'p.pilotid' => Auth::$userinfo->pilotid, 'p.accepted' => PIREP_ACCEPTED ); $reports = PIREPData::findPIREPS($search, 1); if($reports->arricao === null){$jumpseatdep = $userinfo->hub; echo $jumpseatdep;} else {$jumpseatdep = $reports->arricao; echo $jumpseatdep;}?> <hr> <P>Cost per Jumpseat Mile: $0.50</P><hr> <p>Select your destination:</p> <div class="form-group"> <select id="jumpseatdest" name="jumpseatdest" class="form-control"> <option value="">Select All</option> <?php foreach(OperationsData::getAllAirports() as $airport) { echo '<option value="'.$airport->icao.'">'.$airport->icao.' ('.$airport->name.') - Miles: '.round(OperationsData::getAirportDistance($jumpseatdep, $airport->icao)).' - Price: $'.round(OperationsData::getAirportDistance($jumpseatdep, $airport->icao)*0.5).'</option>'; } ?> </select> </div> </div> </div> This is in profile_main.php If what I have done could've been done better, please help! I'm no php whiz. Cheers
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