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  1. KorrexelzYT

    Connection Error

    thank you lorathon
  2. KorrexelzYT

    Connection Error

    ok. thank you i will try now
  3. KorrexelzYT

    Connection Error

    my site is http://kraftair.epizy.com and i dont have the module installed how do i do that
  4. KorrexelzYT

    Connection Error

    Hi all. i have looked through the forums and can not find an answer to my problem. please find the attached file below. Help!!!!!
  5. KorrexelzYT

    How To Install The New phpVMS 4

    I am wondering how to install phpvms 4
  6. I have been wondering how to put vacentral into your local.config.php i know the code and i know where it is but i just dont know where to put it in the php file.
  7. Hey Guys I Need Help With This Error I Get No One Can Sign Up On My Virtual Airline Because Of reCAPTCHA
  8. KorrexelzYT

    Issues With phpVMS 3 Install

    Thanks @web541
  9. KorrexelzYT

    Issues With phpVMS 3 Install

    I Downloaded The Beta Version Of phpVMS 3 From https://phpvms.net/resource And When I Install It This Error Comes Up