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  1. Site is ukvirtual.co.uk but you need an account to get to the schedule page so you wont be able to gleen much from that...
  2. It's not a recaptcha issue I don't think. The issue occured around 1 April (when recaptcha deprecated) and was happening when I tried to run recaptch v2 manually as well. v2 is authenticating as I would expect. I can see the auth tokens passing and accepted. On 1 April, this occurred, and then last night our custom schedule submission option stopped working as well. The "Book your Flight" button just does nothing. We're still using PHP5.6 and our hosting company have been upgrading servers to plug the Meltdown/Spectre exploits so I'm wondering if they've made a change which has broken something... I'm stumped at the moment...
  3. Hi chaps, I followed the Recaptcha v2 guide above and that worked, but when I run a test registration, I get the confirmation and I get the email, but the user is not added to the database?! My last working registration was 31/03, just before Recaptcha was deprecated. Anyone got an initial steer? I changed a few things trying to upgrade to v2 before I spotted the guide, but I reverted all those changes as far as I know (although it's possible I may have missed something...)
  4. neo2810

    Setting up v7

    Ah, my bad. I was under the impression v7 had been released as you can download the Laravel and classic frameworks versions. So to be clear, I should either work on phpvms v5.5 (latest stable as far as I can see), or wait until v7 is available and then start developing on that? I can only see download for v7 on this site. Where are the previous versions?
  5. neo2810

    Setting up v7

    I currently have a heavily modified phpvms 2.6 deployment running our VA site. It's been absolutely fine over the years and runs with kacars v1 but I'm wanting to start use kacars v2. Clearly v2 won't run on our phpvms version and because most of the core is heavily modified, upgrading the phpvms version in situ is not possible, so I'll be developing from scratch to replace what we have once I'm ready. I've got v7.0 running on a Xampp dev environment on my local machine and I've run the installer and have the example info pulling in from the local mysql db correctly, so far so good. However, I've imported all the tables from my existing site to the dev DB but none of the info is pulling into the v7.0 front end? Is v7.0 a complete rewrite which uses a whole new set of variables making importing existing DB data impossible, or have I missed something? I can see all the newly generated tables alongside the old so I know I'm using the correct DB. Further to that, I can't seem to find any docs on structure of v7.0? All the tutorials and docs refer to the classic phpvms. Where do you put template files in the Laravel file structure?
  6. neo2810

    Leaderboards no longer updating

    Problem solved. We are using the leaderboard addon and it's written fairly poorly in that every hour it truncates the toppilot table. This has obviously grown over time and has now exceeded the server memory limit. I've doubled the server memory and rerun the maintenance script manually so we shouldn't have this issue for some time now.
  7. Our leaderboards have stopped updating, and I can't work out why. Around the time, I added SmartCARS files in a new folder of that name in the Core (as per SmartCARS instruction) to run some tests, and reverted the changes (via Github) when I discovered the problem. TopPilot database table is not updating but the Pireps are filing ok, and all other stats are incrementing. Both PHPVMS and our database servers have been rebooted, and I've run checks on all tables, no errors. Anyone else had this issue and solved? Any ideas?