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  1. Madcreepez

    Jet2 Virtual

    Hello, Im so sorry for the late reply i have been super busy over these past few months, Feel free to join our discord and we can have a chat! Hope to see you soon. https://discord.gg/j3DWaFX
  2. Madcreepez


    Hey guys, Im the CEO of Jet2Virtual and i am coming to you guys as we need staff at this moment in time. Our website is https://www.jet2virtual.org/index.php/ We have a few positions open at the minute and im willing to give anyone a chance as long as they are responsible. if you are interested then please send me and email at mason.halls@yahoo.co.uk i would love hearing from all of you. even if you dont want to be staff you can always sign up and use our awesome custom bots and custom ACARS Discord - https://discord.gg/j3DWaFX Thanks - Mason(CEO)
  3. Madcreepez

    Jet2 Virtual

    Hello guys my name is Mason and im the CEO of Jet2 Virtual, Our VA is brand new and is fresh out the packet. We are looking for staff members to join https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Z0h7nU0iS5OjlFBjQcaKchwTTVxXHjbta1LVK3nQTB8/edit?usp=sharing Any thing without a name could be yours. If you feel you have what it takes please leave a message down below. YOU NEED TO BE ACTIVE. Thanks, Mason
  4. Madcreepez

    Ranks and Awards

    Hello guys, i added the Ranks and Awards files into the modules file, and i have added the ranks and hours and images etc but when i click ranks on the website it still says that the Module "RANK" does not exist. can anyone help?