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  1. We are pleased to announce that Virtual Silver Airways is open for business. Offering schedules from Florida to Bahamas, Cuba, and beyond. We will be looking to fill staff positions as soon as possible. Please feel free to drop by, as you are always welcome. A special Thank you to 209 studios for their templates and support. Thank you. http://virtualsilverairways.site/index.php
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    SOLVED. Thank you
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    Error. virtualsilverairways.site.
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    I had this working awesome with a subdomain. Now I have been kicking my back side for hours. www.virtualsolverairways.site. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'public' (T_PUBLIC) in /home1/batchelor14/virtualsilverairways.site/core/common/StatsData.class.php on line 654 I have read everything on this board. I believe you still have all of my info for the ftp. If not, Please shoot me a FB message and I will re send it. Thank, Ron
  5. It was 2002 when Transload Airlines made their debut, and grew to over 1000 members, 8 Divisions, and 6 Custom Transload Base add on sceneries. Transload was founded by Ken Pualick, with the vision of a developing a Virtual Airline where no matter your lever of flight knowledge, your were part of the family. This was a great success. Aircraft were developed by Mike Stone, (A name known by most) and paint design & airport design by Gerry J. Smith. With the release of FSX, in 2009, Transload took a step back, and as it has been said, "Life Happens" and Transload slowly faded. I went off to operate Evergreen Virtual Airlines, with many of the Transload management to follow. Dan Jones, and Howard Phipps continued to paint aircraft as they were requested. When the R/W Evergreen International deceased, so did Evergreen Virtual. Transload Virtual Airlines has been operating pretty much in a silent mode for the last 4 years, and we feel it is time to step it up and see how we can flow. All of our operations for the last 9 years has been using VAFinancials, which has been a great program, but I feel it is time for a change. We will continue to run VAFS until further notice. PHPvms is new to me, and I owe a great deal to 209 Studios for the SkyBlue Skin, and the outstanding support to work with me on any issues I was having. Tho we are not 100%, I feel we are ready for operation. This will be a long work in progress, and the goals will be achieved. Transload Airlines will not have any flight restrictions as you will find with other VAs. If you have time to fly a route, it will be accepted. If you land over 350 fpm, it will be accepted. If you are looking for training, you will be accepted. The divisions of Transload, Commercial Connection Business Jet Cargo Bush European Oceanic Military As mentioned, you have a choice SmartCars for PHPvms. http://www.transloadairlines.site VAFS http://www.transloadvirtual.com We are a member operated company, and I hope to welcome you home to help re-build a living legend.
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