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  1. flyalaska

    [SKIN] deepBlue

    I didn't notice the full url until now. Replace <a href="http://pacificair-virtual.com/index.php/Join"><strong>Join Today!</strong></a> with <a href="<?php echo url('/Join'); ?>"><strong>Join Today!</strong></a>
  2. flyalaska

    [SKIN] deepBlue

    The Closed is commented out. If you are just going to have your applications closed. Just take the tags off and place then on the open. <!-- and //-->
  3. flyalaska

    Installation of Skin

    did you upload the ela folder to the skins directory? Or did you just create the folder?
  4. flyalaska


    kACARS will work with phpVMS once there is a stable release and after Jeff updates it to v7.
  5. flyalaska

    Edit Title on these Forums?

    If needed again, click on the edit button on the original post. The title field will be editable.
  6. flyalaska

    Upgrading ReCaptcha to v2

    Its stating that public_html/crew/core/modules/Registration/Registration.php doesnt exist. Make sure you have a Registration.php in modules/Registration/
  7. flyalaska

    reCAPTCHA Replace

    There is a sticky post on how to upgrade in Support Forums.
  8. flyalaska

    Tables wont install

    V7 is not a stable release yet.
  9. flyalaska

    reCAPTCHA Replace

    Get V2
  10. flyalaska


    kACARS from FS-Products works with X-Plane
  11. flyalaska

    Installing PHPvms

    Have you tried to install without checking the connection? I had to do it that way before.
  12. flyalaska

    Where to start?

  13. flyalaska

    Migrate phpvms 2 to 5.x

    It has been several years since I have done it. You make a backup of your files and database first. Upload the v5 files to your phpvms. there should be a updaet.php file in the install directory. www.yoursite.com/install/update.php something like that. If you have old mods, they may not work. Read the readme that is included before you start.
  14. flyalaska

    Page not showing correctly

    Right click than select view source. Than click on your css links. If they come up page not found, you are linking them wrong, phpvms can not find them. That is why your page would be messed up.
  15. flyalaska

    Page not showing correctly

    Make sure your css is linked correctly. Looks like it is not. What version of phpVMS are you using?