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  1. flyalaska

    Google Maps Conversion

    I did it without a headache!
  2. flyalaska

    Google Maps Conversion

    Will this work in Simpilots v5?
  3. flyalaska

    Code Now Hosted At Github

    Yes, it was a payware module.
  4. flyalaska

    ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key

    version 5.5.2 already has recaptcha updated to v2
  5. flyalaska

    Schedules not adding

    Are the schedules set to all days? If you have certain days unchecked it wont show on that day of the week.
  6. flyalaska

    [SKIN] deepBlue

    You have no flights with with a landing rate. You can edit the table in the database and add a landing rate (-xxx) or fly a flight with a ACARS to produce a landing rate.
  7. flyalaska

    [SKIN] deepBlue

    Can I have your URL?
  8. flyalaska

    [SKIN] deepBlue

    yes that's what it was tested with.
  9. flyalaska

    Getting Started.

    With php5.6 you will need SimPilots phpVMS5.5 - https://github.com/DavidJClark/phpvms_5.5.x Eventually you will need to upgrade to php7 or 7.1. phpVMS 7 should be released sometime this year.
  10. flyalaska

    Google API

    There is Great Circle Mapper. Thats what we all used before we were using google maps.
  11. flyalaska


    Version 1.0.0


    This a deep blue skin with a 3 column blog style layout. Includes a custom public profile as-well as a pilot dashboard.
  12. flyalaska

    [SKIN] deepBlue

    deepBlue View File This a deep blue skin with a 3 column blog style layout. Includes a custom public profile as-well as a pilot dashboard. This skin only works with phpVMS 5.5.2 Submitter flyalaska Submitted 05/06/18 Category Skins
  13. flyalaska

    deepBlue 1.0

    Thank you for looking at my skin. deepBlue is for php skins only and was tested with SimPilots 5.5.2 Whats all included: - Styled Tables- - Pre installed Modules (template files only) - Font Awesome Icons - Pop up Login and Logout - Custom Private and Public Profiles Modules Needed: You will need to install a few modules for this template to work. (Module Zips included) AirMail 3 All Awards Ranks Touchdown Stats Join You can view the live demo here. This skin is NOT responsive This template is for phpVMS php versions only! (5.5.x) Download Here! Very detailed instructions is included in the download zip.
  14. flyalaska

    Connecting Flights

    We are able to this with our ACARS. Custom from Jeff. If you have kacars custom, give him a shout.
  15. flyalaska

    Slider Issue

    Both images are dead links