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  1. Monthly Hub Stats

    I ran into a wall with the monthly hub stats. I am trying to get the hours to reset every month. Shown on the red ribbon on the picture below. It only shows total hours. Here is my code. public static function TotalHoursBetweenDates($icao, $startdate, $enddate) { //Count total hours $query = "SELECT SUM(flighttime) as hours FROM phpvms_pireps WHERE depicao = '$icao' OR arricao = '$icao' AND DATE(submitdate) >= '$startdate' AND DATE(submitdate) <= '$enddate'"; $result = DB::get_row($query); return $result->hours; } <?php echo HubStats::TotalHoursBetweenDates('PACD', date("Y-m-01"), date("Y-m-t"));?> Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Top Pilots Leader Board

    Thank you both, got it working now!
  3. Top Pilots Leader Board

  4. Some questions

    For Pilot of the week, you can use Top Pilot. https://forum.phpvms.net/topic/2225-toppilot-beta-10/
  5. How do I evenly space text on sidebar? [SOLVED]

    Put it in a table
  6. Top Pilots Leader Board

    I am trying to copy some code from top pilots module, put into my frontpage_main.php. When I do this I get this message. I have flights already this month, the mod pages shows that aswell. Here is the code take from the modules template file. Am I missing something? Any idea why its not showing the flights? <div class="group"> <div class="col span_1_of_2"> <h3>Hours Flown</h3> <table> <thead> <tr> <th> Member </th> <th style="text-align: right;"> Hours </th> </tr> </thead> <tbody> <?php $all_hours = TopPilotData::top_pilot_hours($today[mon], $today[year], 5); ?> <?php if (!$all_hours): ?> <tr><td colspan="2">Get a head start on this month's leaderboard by flying today!</td></tr> <?php else: foreach($all_hours as $entry): $pilot = PilotData::GetPilotData($entry->pilot_id); ?> <tr> <td> <strong> <?php echo PilotData::GetPilotCode($pilot->code, $pilot->pilotid)?></strong> <img src="<?php echo Countries::getCountryImage($pilot->location);?>" alt="<?php echo Countries::getCountryName($pilot->location);?>" style="padding-right: 10px; position: relative; top: 1px;"/><br/> <a href="<?php echo url('profile/view/'.$pilot->pilotid); ?>"> <?php echo $pilot->firstname.' '.$pilot->lastname?></a> </td> <td style="text-align: right;"> <?php echo str_replace(".", ":", number_format($entry->hours, 2)); ?> </td> </tr> <?php endforeach; endif; ?> </tbody> </table> </div>
  7. Disney Air Operations ACARS Released

    Very Nice! Jeff always does nice work.
  8. [SOLVED] Google Maps on phpVMS not working

    The google api really wasn't working for me. It would load the map only when you refreshed the page, not on initial start up. I changed the google api code to this and I have no issues.
  9. fix for reCAPTCHA key error not working [SOLVED]

    no, it should have all your setting.
  10. skyBlue v1

    in the skins css!
  11. Susi Air Virtual

    I just saw a few episodes of "Worst Place to be a Pilot" looks very interesting.
  12. blueIce

    Did you edit that file?
  13. Points System

  14. blueIce

    Can I have your URL?
  15. Ocean Blue v2