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  1. flyalaska

    Schedule Search doesn't work

    Do you have them assigned all days of the week. If you have certain days unchecked. You wont be able to search for them on that day. For example if you have schedules unchecked for Mondays. If you search for a schedule on Monday, nothing will show on your results.
  2. flyalaska

    Latest version 5?

  3. flyalaska

    Mobile App for Virtual Airline

    How much do you charge?
  4. flyalaska

    Leave Of Absence v0.9

    Forgot about that.
  5. flyalaska

    Leave Of Absence v0.9

    I packaged mine for you. You will need to change the classes to match your css. Download Here!
  6. flyalaska


    Can I have your URL?
  7. flyalaska


    It can be a JS conflict. Did you add any MODS or any JS to the skin? You may have also deleted something when editing the menu.
  8. flyalaska

    AirMail 3.0

  9. flyalaska

    Contact Form Reply To Address

    that's the only way you can change it. Maybe v7 will have something.
  10. flyalaska

    Contact Form Reply To Address

    Only way is in admin, general settings
  11. flyalaska

    Contact Form Reply To Address

  12. flyalaska

    Contact Form Reply To Address

    There is a post somewhere where you can add multiple recipients to the form.
  13. flyalaska

    I Need Help ERROR SKIN

    phpvms 5.5.2 not php version. I never heard of php 6x
  14. flyalaska

    formatting space character visible

    What Collation is your table? (ie, utf8_general_ci)
  15. flyalaska

    Pilot ID

    No I dont