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  1. Hi, I'm having an issue where some of my addons in phpVMS do not display the admin sidebar at the top, making it impossible to configure settings. For example, with my "Events" addon, it just shows the text: events/sidebar_events.php I get the same with Automatic Flight Assignments where I just get autoassign/sidebar.php. I have a bunch of other addons where I do not have this problem. Thanks in advance for your help, Regards Chris
  2. I tried setting things up with https but it won't work with kacars
  3. I'm using Chrome. Also try joining and initialize the CrewTest module. It gives a big red X warning. Regards, Chris
  4. Hi, Can someone help me understand all the security warnings I am getting on my VA? The site is www.ndbair.com and I'm using several add-ons from Crazy Creatives. Regards, Chris
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