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  1. MishelY


    hello again...my name its mishel and i need help to crate a va,i try a lot and work and i cant get it,and i try a lot,follw the tutorials and noting work for me,i am pratty new on this and if anyone can help me for free or 5$ i will be rly happy,i just went to do a va and that stuff,so thats it,thanks the manger of Cal cargo virtual! u can also contact me via dis and skype; discord -Call me mike-#9352
  2. MishelY


    sure! i have website kind of and its not a problem to do one more! and i will pm and we can tallk in discord/team speek
  3. MishelY


    Hello my name its mishel And i am the manger of Cal Cargo airline virtual and i am serech for a web develoment and webdeseing and more crew mamers. ceo,support manger,team speek manger,and popole to fly in the virtual airline! thanks mishel manger of Cal Cargo Airline Virtual. my budget is 20-10$ or free if u went! Tnx anyway.
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