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  1. Salem

    View all pirep

    Good day all, You would like show the data " payadjsut" on view all pirep page ( pirep_list.php). But that tells me 0. Will you have a problem regarding this problems. <?php foreach($pireps as $pirep) { if($pirep->accepted == PIREP_PENDING) $td_class = 'pending'; else $td_class = ''; $error = false; $schedule = SchedulesData::getScheduleByFlight($pirep->code, $pirep->flightnum); ?> <tr class="<?php echo $class?> pirep_list" id="row<?php echo $pirep->pirepid;?>"> <td align="center" valign="top" nowrap="nowrap" style="width: 27px;" class="<?php echo $td_class;?>"> <img height="25px" width="25px" src="<?php echo PilotData::GetPilotAvatar($pirep->pilotid);?>" align="left" /> </td> <td align="left" valign="top" nowrap class="<?php echo $td_class;?>"> <strong><a href="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/admin/index.php/pilotadmin/viewpilots?action=viewoptions&pilotid=<?php echo $pirep->pilotid;?>"> <?php echo PilotData::GetPilotCode($pirep->pcode, $pirep->pilotid) . ' - ' .$pirep->rank .'--' .$pirep->firstname .' ' . $pirep->lastname;?></a></strong></br></br> <strong>Flight:</strong> <?php echo $pirep->code . $pirep->flightnum ; ?></div> <strong>Dep/Arr: </strong><?php echo $pirep->depicao; ?>/<?php echo $pirep->arricao; ?> <strong>FL: </strong><?php echo $schedule->flightlevel; ?><font color="#FFFFFF">------</font><strong>Point(s) without bonus: </strong><b><font color="#FF0000"><?php echo $schedule->payforflight; ?></font></b></br></br> <strong>Estimation Enroute Time (EET): </strong><b><font color="#2E2EFE"><?php echo $schedule->flighttime; ?></font><font color="#FFFFFF">------</font><strong>Time flown: </strong><b><font color="#04B404"><?php echo $pirep->flighttime; ?></font><font color="#FFFFFF">------</font><b><font color="#FFFFFF">------</font></br></br> <strong>Landing rate: </strong><b><font color="#FF8000"><?php echo $pirep->landingrate; ?></font> </br></br> <strong> Payadjust </strong><b><font color="#04B404"><?php echo sprintf("%.00f", $pirep->payadjust); ?></font>&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp </br></br> Thanking you in advance Best regards
  2. Salem

    Info log pirep

    Hello, How to recover some information on the log with the variables For example: 12:35 start engine 2, 12:50 overspeed .... Thanks for your help
  3. Salem

    Fatal error

    Good day, I have a problem for send a bonus for all pirep with a landing rate under -150 on db PIREP Yet the call is correct is I get this message "Fatal error: Call to undefined method PIREPData::getPirepData()" If anyone would have an idea it would be cool. Here is the code below: $pilotbonus = "500"; $pirepinfo = PIREPData::getPirepData($pirep_details->pirepid); if($pirep_details->landingrate <= -1 AND $pirep_details->landingrate >= -150) { $bonus = $pilotbonus +$pirepinfo->bonus; $fields = array ( 'bonus' => $bonus, ); PIREPData::getReports($pirepinfo->pirepid, $fields); } Thank's
  4. Salem

    Create Ranking

    Hello web541, It works perfectly, thank you for your help. Have a nice week end
  5. Salem

    Create Ranking

    Hello everyone, I would like to create a ranking of pilots according to the pay, but unfortunately, I have a problem of coding. If anyone would have an idea about the solution it would be cool. I want to use the $pilots table and collect the id and totalpay Here is my code and my bug below. <?php mysql_select_db("pilots"); $reponse = mysql_query('SELECT * FROM pilotid ORDER BY totalpay'); $rang = 0; while ($pilots = mysql_fetch_array($reponse)) { $rang++; echo $rang; echo $pilots['pilotid']; echo $pilots['totalpay']; } ?> Deprecated: mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead in /home/dahvirtumu/smart/core/templates/toppilot/tp_index.php on line 4 Warning: mysql_connect(): Unknown MySQL server host 'dahvirtumub738' (1) in /home/dahvirtumu/smart/core/templates/toppilot/tp_index.php on line 4 Warning: mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/dahvirtumu/smart/core/templates/toppilot/tp_index.php on line 13 Thank's for your help Regards
  6. Salem

    Create Points systems

    Good day, I am interested in your help, make me a proposal by MP for my request above this topic. Is possible modify my request if is complicate. Thanks Best regards
  7. Salem

    Create Points systems

    Hi, I send mp
  8. Salem

    Create Points systems

    Good day all, I wish to create an automatic point system for my new company including see below: (using smartCARS) ------------------------------------------------ Briefing 30min 1pt / -1pt Engine 2 is on 1pt / -5pts Flaps set before take off 1pt / -5pts MTOW respected 1pt / flight rejected Departure on time +/- 10min 2pts Overspeed -5pts Flight time 1pt/30min Excced g/force -5pts Landing with 1000kg fuel -5pts Flaps set position 0 engine off 1pt Flying online day 2pts (Friday 02:00 pm to 23:00 pm) the values are not definitive but I wish to modify them later -------------------------------------------------------- How much would it cost me? Thank you in advance for your help. Regards
  9. Salem

    PIREP does not exist!

    Good day, I have a problem after every flight, I can not see my PIREP. That tells me "This PIREP does not exist !". While it has been sent via the smartCARS application. I Booking flights under the website is work. Someone would have a solution for this problem please. Thank you Regards