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  1. LordWilbur

    phpvms 7 latest release installation error

    I'm using json files for the translation (with pluralization too). I used them cause i think it's easier for users to understand what are they translating and where that specific text will appear on the site. For instance: json file "Airport": "Aeroporto|Aeroporti", "No Flight Found": "Nessun Volo Trovato" in php blade template: {{ __('No Flight Found') }} {{ __trans_choice('Airport', 1) }} or {{ __trans_choice('Airport', 2) }} I'm translating the frontend (almost done) in italian. I also fixed a couple of errors and tweaked a bit but i'll tell you all when i've finished all the frontend thing... After the frontend and admin panel are done we must find a way to translate the database content (I'm still trying to figure it out)...
  2. LordWilbur

    phpvms 7 latest release installation error

    I don't know how to fork and pull but i'll google for it... by now the translation of the frontend is 75% done, i'll try to fork and pull when i finish the frontend, then i'll start the admin panel...
  3. LordWilbur

    phpvms 7 latest release installation error

    I found the solution for this problem, it's related to the SSL connection so i've changed this in app/Services/Metar/AviationWeather.php: From: $res = Http::get($url, []); To: $res = Http::get($url, ['verify' => false]); Now works flawlessly. I have still a couple of questions: 1) I didn't find how to change the default centering location of the live map. 2) I didn't manage to make the "Lookup" link in the administration->add airport panel work, but i've seen that on demo application it works perfectly. Anyway i've made some little tweaks on the app and i'm working on the translation, but i don't know how to contribute my work when it'll be finished cause i'm not so familiar with git... If you want to take a look at my work you can go on http://www.piemontevirtualairlines.tk. It's still a WiP but i'm doing my best to finish it asap. Best regards.
  4. I’ve cloned the last version yesterday night, installed it and all seems to work properly 2 things: 1) when i login or i navigate to the pilot dashboard, it hangs for 30 seconds and then gives me a timeout error in guzzy http class (or how its name is, i don’t have logs now) in curlhttp adapter and doesn’t load the page at all. 2) when i navigate the site with my phone or iPad the navigation menu button in the titlebar doesn’t work. anyway great job with this project!!! P.S.: My setup is nginx 1.4, php 7.2.5, mariadb 10.3, redis 3.2, latest versions of composer and apcu, all on Windows 10 pro 64 bit (but i had the same issues in apache 2.4 without redis and apcu). thx in advance for any help. EDIT: this is the error i have in phpvms logs: (Symfony\\Component\\Debug\\Exception\\FatalErrorException(code: 1): Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded at C:\ ginx\\html\\phpvms7\\vendor\\guzzlehttp\\guzzle\\src\\Handler\\CurlHandler.php:41) [stacktrace] #0 {main} "}