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  1. Thank you for all your work on the PHP 7.2  base version.  This will help many Virtua; Airlines where HOSTS stop PHP 5.

    The issue is that many Virtual Airlines will have at some time taken on-board modules such as those found in CRAZY CREATIVES or PHPMODS.EU  although I think that they are or were selling the same modules.  These virtual airlines will find it harder of course to upgrade to PHP 7.2 because they have these add-on Modules.  There is little or no support from those two companies as I think they have abandoned helping out now on PHP 7.2..  So in your experience what are the main things that need to be changed if any in these modules to bring them unto PHP7.2 operation.

    I guess the same applies where a Virtual Airline is using a third party SKIn to customise the website.  

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