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  1. ProAvia


    Use phpVMS v7 then and file manual PIREPs.
  2. ProAvia


    If you are set on using APVacars, you can try using phpVMS 5.5.2 or Be aware that you will need either PHP 5.6 or 7.0-7.2 respectively - and there is no guarantee that all functions will work correctly. But I wouldn't invest any money on phpVMS 5.5.2 or - I'd install phpVMS v7 and invest my money there.
  3. ProAvia


    APVacars doesn't work with phpVMS v7. vmsACARS is designed for v7 and works well. SmartCARS v3 is in open beta and is supposed to work with v7. It is NOT a free upgrade from SamrtCARS v2. vmsACARS is a one time $50 fee. smartCARS 3 is a monthly $6.99 fee.
  4. Try it on PHP 8.1 instead. Also, posting you have a 500 error is really of no help to us in helping you figure out what is wrong. phpVMS Docs | Asking for help
  5. Not in versions 2.x or 5.x Not sure about version 7 The flights could be 105A, 105B, etc.
  6. You can't use the same flight number for multiple flights - even if it is the same city pairs on different days or for multiple legs to different city pairs.
  7. Their server was down earlier. Did you go directly to the simBrief website and see if it works from there? Server is back up now.
  8. @servetas hasn't visited the forum here in over a year. Maybe tagging him here will solicit a visit and response.
  9. What do you think you screwed up that you can't access the admin panel? I believe the skin is stored in the database settings table. Be sure to back up the DB before changing anything.
  10. You can change the sort order in the AwardsData.class file. Presently it is set to order by name. You can change to sort by any field name listed in the awards table. Sadly, date is not one of the options available - as that would be my choice.
  11. Are you using the latest dev build of phpVMS? Are you using the latest beta release of vmsACARS (released within the last hour)?
  12. No one is going to send you the reCaptcha keys. You need to go to Google and set up an account, then generate the two site keys. Google reCaptcha v2
  13. That MySQL version will cause issues with phpVMS 5.5.2 and You may not notice them at first, but they will show up eventually. Ask them whether Strict Mode is on or off in MySQL. What other PHP versions do they offer?
  14. https://vmshost.io/store/acars
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