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  1. I'm finding that out. I have made some progress though. I need to have something in place by month end as my host says they are removing 5.6 by then. And according to what they tell me, only 7.2 will be available after that. Moving to a different host at this time is not an option.
  2. Please show Simpilot version as 5.5.2 to avoid confusion - in the passed several days there have been a couple of mix-ups between versions 5.5.2 and 5. Listing the entire version number should help to avoid confusion. And you entered a new set of keys for ReCaptcha in the local.config file? If so, double check that your URL is set correctly in the Google ReCaptcha API. Open your browser console and check for errors there too. Are you running this install locally (on your computer) or on your web server?
  3. Just to be sure, is this the Simpilot version 5.5.2 or the Nabeel version 5? If Simpilot version 5.5.2, see second post of the thread you linked to above. You will need to add that code to local.config.php and then get the ReCaptcha keys from Google to enter into that code as indicated. Do not edit app.config.php - all config edits should be done in local.config.php. If Nabeel version 5, I believe you have to update to ReCaptcha v2 - see this post: https://forum.phpvms.net/topic/25571-upgrading-recaptcha-to-v2/ .
  4. ProAvia


    Yup - Simpilot exam center working here on 5.6 also.
  5. ProAvia


    Thanks - it looks good.
  6. ProAvia


    Great to hear. Best of luck with re-opening your VA!! If you don't mind me asking, what skin are you using?
  7. ProAvia


    Which version of phpVMS do you have installed - Nabeel's 5 or Simpilot's 5.5.2?? And Simpilot's ExamCenter is working correctly also? Great!!
  8. ProAvia


    So we are all on the same page, which version are you now using? If using Simpilot's version 5.5.2 and you just overwrote the old files (instead of doing a new install), your database is not up to date with version 5.5.2. Version 5.5.2 added at least one new table (maybe more) and added some fields to a few different DB tables. There may be other differences too. There are also differences in many addon modules that work with version 5.5.2. Which exam center are you having issues with? There are a couple of them available.
  9. Although this is listed as version 5, do not confuse this version with the Simpilot version. This is version 2.x reworked to work with PHP versions up to 7.0. For ReCaptcha version 2 to work, see the Support Forum post titled: Upgrading ReCaptcha to v2 in the forums on this site. The Simpilot version is 5.5.2 - and is already ReCaptcha version 2 compliant. This version requires PHP 5.3 to PHP 5.6.x. It will not work with PHP 7.x. With either version, you will need to get ReCaptcha keys from Google and insert them into local.config.php. The keys listed in app.config.php will NOT work.
  10. ProAvia


    If you want phpVMS 5.5.2 by Simpilot, get it here: https://github.com/DavidJClark/phpvms_5.5.x The version 5 by Nabeel is version 2.x (classic) updated to work with PHP version 7.0 . It doesn't seem to work correctly with PHP version 7.2 though.... ask me how I know.
  11. ProAvia


    For clarification - did you or did you not add Recaptcha v2 keys to local.config.php? No idea why you are getting the Warning at the top of the page. What is the path from the root directory to the phpvms install (where you uploaded the phpVMS files to on your server)? Mine is 'root/public_html/airline_name/phpvms'. I have installed phpVMS 5.5.2 several times in the past few days while working on a project. I added Recaptcha keys to local.config.php after installation and recaptcha works fine - without any need to update to Recaptcha v2. What is the link to the Github repository
  12. 5..5.2 default install running locally after installing using php 5.6. Changed php to version 7.2.7 after install. Quite a number of Warning and Deprecated errors to fix. I've made some progress and have PM'd a few people to have a look, help out, etc. This is very much a WIP.
  13. What version of phpVMS? Does your schedule search already show an option for greater than/less than? If so, look in /core/common/SchedulesData.class.php around line 322 for distanceBetweenPoints function. This will give an idea how that function works and help you write a new function to do exactly what you want. You would also need to add to /core/templates/schedule_searchform.php so the pilot has the option to search by a distance range.
  14. ProAvia


    As a test - do a fresh install of version 5.5.2. Don't do the update to recaptcha v2, just put the recaptcha keys in local.config.php. then test to see if it works.
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