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  1. Search here for "no routes passed" - it's usually a JavaScript error Here's one thread about it.... https://forum.phpvms.net/topic/7524-bidding-system-solved/?tab=comments#comment-49971
  2. ProAvia

    Login Messages

    Not sure where it is in the code..... Inactive is the same as retired. On an individual basis the pilot can be returned to active status by going to Admin panel, Pilots & Groups, View all Pilots. Then edit that specific pilot and change their status from inactive. If you don't want all pilots to auto-retire after a certain number of days being inactive - in local.config.php, change PILOT_AITO_RETIRE to false. Another option would be to change the PILOT_INACTIVE_TIME to a higher number of days. # After how long to mark a pilot inactive, in days Config::Set('PILOT_AUTO_RETIRE', true); Config::Set('PILOT_INACTIVE_TIME', 90);
  3. ProAvia


    I don't think the port matters. If it did, it would have been mentioned in the documentation or on the developers site. As far as I know, kACARS uses the site URL to connect. And since you have issues getting all ACARS clients (kACARS and several other reporting systems) to connect, the issue is with your site.
  4. ProAvia

    Acars Map Issue

    What version of phpVMS? What version of PHP? Have you turned on error reporting? Any errors in the error log? Using Google Maps or another map provider? Have you attempted to connect with one of the free PIREP programs to rule out an issue with SmartCARS? Have you reverted back to HTTP to see if HTTPS might be the issue?
  5. ProAvia

    CrewCenter (Alpha Testing Starts)

    Thanks! Looking forward to your progress on this skin.
  6. ProAvia

    CrewCenter (Alpha Testing Starts)

    Is this for phpVMS version 7 or for one of the "Classic" versions (2.x or 5.5.2)?
  7. ProAvia

    kACARS has stopped communicating with our website

    Is this the payware version of kACARSI or kACARSII? If so, best to contact the developer through his website forums - http://forum.fs-products.net/
  8. ProAvia

    FiveDev André PHPVMS7?

    phpVMS version 7 is still in development and it's advised not to use it in a production/live site. Install phpVMS version 2 - https://github.com/nabeelio/phpvms_v2 -- OR -- phpVMS version 5.5.2 - https://github.com/DavidJClark/phpvms_5.5.x Either can be uploaded to your site using FileZilla or another FTP client.
  9. ProAvia

    All Acars Not Working

    kACARS Free module appears to be installed (I checked via the pilot account you PM'd me). I will try connecting my kACARS Free client tomorrow when I have access to my FS computer. I believe the error for kACARS you posted above referencing denied access to the send.xml file means that Windows isn't allowing access to that file. Ensure the exe file is set to Run as Administrator. Actually, I would totally uninstall kacars free one more time. Then install to your Documents folder and set the exe to Run as Administrator. If that doesn't work, I suggest you post the issue in the kACARS forum here on site and the developer should be able to further assist you. Let us know the outcome.
  10. ProAvia

    All Acars Not Working

    Did you just move the files to a new location, or did you uninstall from Program Files (x86) and then reinstall to the new location? And what is this new location? phpVMS version? PM me user access - just a regular pilot ID and password - and I'll have a look.
  11. ProAvia

    All Acars Not Working

    Are you running kACARS as administrator? Is the module installed on your site correctly? Additionally, have a look in the dedicated kACARS_Free forum here on the site: https://forum.phpvms.net/forum/44-kacars/
  12. ProAvia

    All Acars Not Working

    For kACARS_Free - are you running the client as administrator? Personally, I wouldn't install the client to the "Program Files (x86)" folder. You would be better served installing the client to the documents folder.
  13. ProAvia

    [Tutorial] SSL with phpVMS

    Or you could just go through your files and change any "http://..." lines to "https://". Pretty easy when using the find/replace in Notepad++.
  14. ProAvia

    All Acars Not Working

    We would need to see the actual error to assist you further. Start with kACARS_Free and post the actual error or take a screenshot and post it. Probably best to pick one ACARS and stick with it. We have used kACARS_Free for several years (and now the payware kACARSII) as it provides what we need. We do have XACARS available - but only for pilots using X-Plane on a MAC computer.
  15. ProAvia

    All Acars Not Working

    Yes, something is wrong with your install and/or website. What are the specific errors for each of the ACARS programs you tried? Be specific and list the errors here. Are you on paid or free hosting?