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  1. phpVMS version? PHP version? MySQL or MariaDB version? Where did you download the FlightBook module from? Did it ever work correctly?
  2. Have a look at this thread - not sure if it will work or not. Also look at Crazy Creatives (payware) - be aware, others have reported that support from CC is lacking. https://www.crazycreatives.com/downloads/tag/flightboard/ NOTE: I don't have or use any of these - they were found via a quick site and Google search.
  3. You could possible pull the live flights table from the bottom of the acars page (.../index.php/acars) and display it elsewhere.
  4. As far as I recall, there is not. A bid gets shown in the bid table. And I don't think "Departed" is shown anywhere until the PIREP is filed. There is ACARS data listed in the acarsdata table, but may not have the data you need. There is a way to block another pilot from bidding the same schedule as another pilot who has already booked that scheduled flight.
  5. Since you are using phpVMS 5.5.2 and just starting out, I'd recommemd a completely new installation. Don't attempt to use this thread to "update" reCaptcha as 5.5.2 already has reRaptcha v2. Don't edit any core files. Just add a theme/skin and a few basic modules. Any module edits should be done to the files in the module only. Get used to the program before editing any core files. If you can't get something to work in the base program that works for everyone else, it's not an issue with the core files.
  6. If you don't have SSL at the moment, change that line in local.config to http SSL and https are tied together - you can't use one without the other.
  7. If you are using phpVMS 5.5.2 or - as I recall, these come with reCaptcha v2. No need to update. What does line 40 in the Contact.php file say?
  8. Quickest response will be by contacting 209 studios directly.
  9. You should be using https as many modern browsers won't load http without interaction of the user. Does your site have a current SSL certificate? Your local.config shows https The page loads correctly using http It doesn't load correctly using https Is TFDI your host? If so, contact them for assistance.
  10. Don't post the same topic in multiple places. No cross-posting.
  11. Using https I see what you posted above Using http the page renders correctly. Look in .../core/local.config.php file - first few lines. Is your site shown with http or https? Whatever it is, change to the other.
  12. Thank you @Nascoli for your time to update and make version 1.3 available. The link to Github in the first post will take you to the SMPirepValidator v.1.3 page where the module can be downloaded.
  13. Just remember, these are payware. You can't share any code changes you do to possibly change the license verification.
  14. Thank you for the file link. I was able to download it. Also, thanks for the status update on SMRoutes. I can appreciate how difficult it is to d3velop freeware around real life schedules and commitments.
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