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  1. Ok, thanks! Then the install errors and other items that don't work with php greater than 7.2 probably still exist. Work that affects zero date, no default value, strict mode and other items related to newer php and MySQL/MariaDB versions still needs to be addressed. An updated release with all these fixes that will install under php 7.4 is needed. I doubt phpVMS v5 can be fixed to fully work with php 8 or higher without major errors. For anyone starting a new VA or revitalizing an older VA - the best option is to use phpVMS v7. Using phpVMS for a new venture is a waste of time and effort.
  2. @Ghostfly What php version did you use for the original install? Is Strict Mode on or off? What did you do about the date can't be 0000-00-00 ? Is error reporting on and showing all errors? Did you make any changes to the database structure? Did you make any changes to the core v5 files?
  3. Any update on possibly uploading this version of phpVMS 5.x to github? @Ghostfly
  4. Yes, vmsACARS is presently the only ACARS option for phpVMS v7.
  5. What URL are you going to? Have you cleared your browser cache and cookies lately? What browser are you using? Have you tried from a different browser?
  6. I see that you have posted in both the V7 and V5 forums. Modules made for V5 will not work in V7 - and V7modukes will not work in V5. What version of phpVMS are you using?
  7. Thanks Looking forward to your offering
  8. Freeware or payware? What sims will be supported? Will it require FSUIPC/XPUIPC? Specific list of features? Can you expand on "... I had purchased the source code of JOINFS ..." ? Do you have a website?
  9. Most people here run their own VA and have learned how to use phpVMS to their liking. There are a few developers who will set up a site for you and do some customization. There probably aren't many who will fulfill the role of "Webmaster" on a continuing basis. Some VA's are lucky enough to have knowledgeable staff that can help run the VA and assist in "Webmaster" duties as well. Use caution for anyone who may contact you via PM. Know who you are dealing with. Ask here for opinions about different companies/individuals. Good luck in your quest!
  10. Having 47,000+ airports - most of which you will never fly to - will dramatically slow down your website. It is suggested to add only those airports needed for your schedules.
  11. Be sure to use the latest dev version - available in the Discord Releases channel. Also, read/review the docs.
  12. Since it's been over one year since the OP has updated this thread, chances are it's been abondoned. However, work is in progress elsewhere. But no further announcement will be made until it's ready for release. There is a whole lot more to this update than making it compatible with PHP 7.4 - there are quite a few updates needed to the DB structure as well. Be aware, you shouldn't be using phpVMS 5.5.2.x or 2.x for a new VA. Use phpVMS v7 instead. Any updates for 5.5.2.x are for well established legacy VA's that have a lot invested in payware modules, etc. Any update to the core of 5.5.2.x and a move to newer PHP versions and/or newer versions of MySQL or MariaDB is going to break many addon modules. And you are on your own to fix those modules to work correctly with any update to phpVMS 5.5.2.x. Your best course of action is to install and learn to modify phpVMS v7.
  13. Hosting https://vmshost.io/store/web-hosting There are also other options available for hosting the website. ACARS https://vmshost.io/store/acars Basic v7 install, install Disposable theme, Disposable Basic pack and Disposable Extended pack This price will vary based on who is installing it and exactly what you want done. You will still need to become very familiar with the software and how it works. You may benefit from learning phpVMS 7 and doing the install yourself. phpVMS 7, the Disposable theme and Disposable Basic pack are freeware Disposable Extended pack - this is Donationware. See post below for further info. For all of the above software, you must meet the terms of their respective licenses. Be sure to read the readme files and are in compliance with the terms of the licenses. And the most important part....
  14. Go th the discord server. Look under "releases" for v7 latest dev version.
  15. I believe it will.... but you would be better off moving to phpVMS v7 with vmsACARS. Check with your host to see what other PHP versions they support. See the phpVMS v7 docs for requirements first. I see no reason that anyone would start a new VA with phpVMS v5. And it won't work correctly with MariaDB 10.2 and higher. Way too many issues that can't be fixed.
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