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  1. Care to share exactly what you edited for other users that may want to do the same?
  2. The env.php file has been replaced by the .env file. All the email settings are in there. Return the config.php file to its default state. In addition to the link kindly provided by @DisposableHero , your hosting panel should provide an Email Accounts area with valuable info. If your hosting provides cPanel, have a look at this article to set up SMTP https://cpanel.net/blog/tips-and-tricks/setting-up-and-troubleshooting-smtp-in-cpanel/ I would suggest updating any phpVMS v7 sites you help with to the latest dev build, available in the #v7-releases channel of the phpVMS discord.
  3. Did you install phpVMS v7 beta 5 or the latest dev build from the discord releases channel? Did you clear the cache after changing any files and before setting the theme to other than default?
  4. Quite possibly. I guess we will have to wait for the OP to respond to know for sure. And as your and I have previously discussed many times, any new VA's should be using phpVMS v7 - no wasting time by starting a phpVMS based VA using va5. 😵
  5. See the docs and guides. Look for subfleets.
  6. Already included in the base phpVMS v7program. You can import and export routes.
  7. Createa a new database. The phpVMS v5.5.2.72 database is not compatible with v7. As you progress thru the v7 install, look on the upper right of the screen for red letters saying something about a Legacy Import. Choose that option to import "most" of your v5 data into your new v7 database. Be sure to use the latest dev version from yesterday (or newer) so your v5 financial data imports to v7. There will still be a good bit of work to do setting up subfleets and assigning them to flights (schedules in v5) and some other stuff. Be sure to set up the v7.env file for email as soon as the install is complete. The bottom pic with the warnings looks to be from v5. When installing v7, use Option1 in the docs. Nothing from v7 goes in the public_html directory. Later, when you're ready to go live, you can redirect your domain to your v7 sub-domain.
  8. What exact latest version are you using? Beta 5 or the latest Dev version from the #v7-releases channel on Discord? Who is the host? Shared, VPN, other? All default or any addon themes or modules?
  9. Verify whether you have phpVMS v7 or v5. You posted in the v2/v5 forum. Once we know what version of phpVMS you are using, we can attempt to help you out.
  10. Well, @LesJar has been on the forums recently. He visited about 6 hours after your post. I agree, the developer ( @LesJar ) needs to reply when this will be available or he needs to declare it as abandoned.
  11. Maybe copy/paste the other post to discord. I think others may be using 8.2 as well - but haven't reported any issues. Do a clean install on a new subdomain under php 8.2 Only add two users - admin and a dummy account for testing purposes. See if the issue is still there. There was a new build released today - see the v7-releases channel. It doesn't address your issue though - but good to use latest anyway. And good practice updating your live site as well as a clean install on a new subdomain.
  12. SimBrief is integrated into phpVMS v7. Enter your SimBrief API key in admin, settings, simbrief section. Yes, each pilot needs a SimBrief account and needs to be logged into it. They will be prompted on the phpVMS screen if they are not. Basically, if a pilot clicks on the Generate OFP button, the info will be sent to SimBrief, the flight plan will be returned to phpVMS and displayed for the pilot to see. I chose to only allow SimBrief if the pilot bids the flight. Be sure you assign a subfleet to the flight and that the pilot holds a rank that allows them to use that subfleet.
  13. Is email set up correctly in your .env file? In admin, settings - scroll down near the bottom and verify the 4 boxes related to emails are checked. If that doesn't work, create a new dummy account (non-admin account). Be sure to opt-in on all non-administrative emails. Send a new news item from the admin side and see if it shows up in the dummy account.
  14. Is this only for vmsACARS download (for now)? Did you put the contents of the public folder in public_html or leave those contents in public folder in the phpvms7 folder? In /public or /public_html (according to how you installed) there is, by default, a folder named /uploads/files. Go to /uploads/files and create a new folder named /acars. Upload your acars zip file to this location (.../uploads/files/acars). In the admin panel (assuming you installed the vmsACARS web module correctly), go to addons, VMSAcars. Under "Link to the ACARS download" enter /uploads/files/acars/<filename_of _your_acars> In the Dispo theme - Docs & Resources, Downloads - you should now see your acars download.
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