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  1. NATS Routing using coordinates

    Thanks Mark! I think I found it. I used simBrief for the flightplan and then looked at various formats. SkyVector lead me to a solution. 5020N works - it needs to be 5 characters. I guess it's the same as with intersections.... 5 characters max. Yesterday I saw - somewhere - how to do this for north, south, east and west - so it takes +/- lat long into account. Once I find that again, I'll post it here.
  2. NATS Routing using coordinates

    Any solution on this one? I also tried 50N020W without success. Anyone have other ideas on how to display the planned route on the route map for North Atlantic crossings?
  3. teamspeak3 or discord

    We've been using TS3 for a number of years. The laptop the TS3 server runs on has a dynamic IP. We set up a dynamic DNS at no-ip.com and run their free DUC program to keep the dynamic IP synced to the static URL at no-ip.com. It's worked great for 3+ years. Only downside is having to confirm continued use every 30 days - but that only takes a few minutes time to do. Pilots connect using the same URL. IP address can change as often as it wants - the DUC program keeps the two synced. We can even hafe someone else at a different location host the TS3 server. All that needs to be done in that case is to manually change the IP address at no-ip.com. I believe there are other sites that provide the same or similar services - some are free and others have minimal cost.
  4. Sim Brief for phpvms

    Your error points to line 12 in the file SimBrief.php Can you post line 12 from SimBrief.php?
  5. SimBrief form to tailor OFP result

    The link in my post - just a few posts above this one - works fine. It takes you to Github, where you can download the module. If you're using phpVMS 5.5.2, you may have to adapt the module from .tpl to .php .... but that's pretty easy.
  6. SimBrief form to tailor OFP result

    You will need to install the module I linked to above. The instructions state where to enter the API key.
  7. SimBrief form to tailor OFP result

    This module: https://github.com/vangelisb/Simbrief/tree/master/phpvms And you will also need to contact simBrief for an API key in order to implement this.
  8. SimBrief form to tailor OFP result

    Did you install the following module first? Did you get an API key from simBrief and enter it in the correct place?
  9. [NOTICE] - Open Flash Chart Exploit

    Better yet, why not post it here - so everyone can benefit from the fix.
  10. Do I or Don't I

    You might also wish to look into applying for a management role with an existing VA. This will help you acquire a background into how a VA is run and how much time it takes. If you decide to persue a role with an existing VA, think about what you have to bring to the table to help out that VA.
  11. Aircraft table - minrank ranklevel

    Using version 5.2.2 Yes, I checked the default schedules page also. All routes show, even when ranks are restricted. I created a new account for testing which carries the minimum rank. The restricted aircaft list a rank one or two levels above this minimum rank. I only checked the database to see if there was something amiss - after verifying minimum rank didn't seem to have any affect.
  12. Aircraft table - minrank ranklevel

    Thanks for the reply! Yes, that's what I'm seeing in Front Schedules. And local.config is set to true for restrict aircraft ranks. In the aircraft table, minrank consistently is one number higher than ranklevel..... If minrank=3, ranklevel=2. EDIT - checked via Schedules also - restricted rank aircraft schedules all show. I used a new account I set up with the minimum rank level.
  13. In the aircraft table, what is the purpose of the minrank and ranklevel fields? I'm assuming one if them is for the minimum rank level to use that specific equipment. Also, in phpVMS 5.2.2 - does restricting the aircraft by rank actually work correctly. I'm using simpilot's Front Schedules if that makes any difference. Thanks
  14. Timetable 1.0

    My site has 3 airlines. All are active, but I want only two to show in the timetable. Is there an easy way to accomplish this? Airline A, airline B and airline C. I only want to show results in the timetable from airline A and airline B. Thanks for any assistance!
  15. Custom ACARS Tracker

    You can start by visiting the link I posted above and then contact them with your requirements and get an estimate. The estimate won't cost you anything and may provide one possible solution.