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  1. If you install this paid module you will find it very good indeed. However with the auto awards you will get a lot of awards om the first day as it plays catch up with your history. This may not be a problem for you but with my airline I am working with we are going to produce printable certificates in pdf form for awards and as such we need the correct date for when an award would have been historically produced. This Historical Awards is being done as a module that will be Free and available on here as a zip file. Eventually the pdf certificates may be issued as a module if I can get permission from the freeware owners of the pdf creating software to use a version in the module of course in respect to them it would again be a free module If you are interested then post a reply on here
  2. I have had bad covid-19 and just getting back upto speed on things. PHPVMSGEN for PHPVMS V7 is on-going because of changes to tables and logic I need to re-work some of the code as well. But it will get an update soon
  3. Thank you for all your work on the PHP 7.2  base version.  This will help many Virtua; Airlines where HOSTS stop PHP 5.

    The issue is that many Virtual Airlines will have at some time taken on-board modules such as those found in CRAZY CREATIVES or PHPMODS.EU  although I think that they are or were selling the same modules.  These virtual airlines will find it harder of course to upgrade to PHP 7.2 because they have these add-on Modules.  There is little or no support from those two companies as I think they have abandoned helping out now on PHP 7.2..  So in your experience what are the main things that need to be changed if any in these modules to bring them unto PHP7.2 operation.

    I guess the same applies where a Virtual Airline is using a third party SKIn to customise the website.  

  4. My sincere apologies to those of you waiting to use PHPVMSGEN , there will be a delay due to illness. I suffered a very severe dehydration and required emergency medical treatment which turned out to be a positive test for covid-19. They have stabilised my health but I must take it easy for another week. I will try and do a little work each day to keep things moving and rest assured PHPVMSGEN will be with you soon
  5. Phpvmsgen is getting close to completion it will build subfleets , aircraft and flights into csv files that have all the connections made so all you do is import these csv files
  6. Phpvmsgen once it is completed for the on-line website will give you the chance to get cvs files for import to Phpvms built from your choices.
  7. Phpvmsgen will have the option to build fares and attach them to flights in different formats
  8. Phpvmsgen once finished will build your subfleets and aircraft in csv files that are imported into PhpVmS
  9. The service initially started out needing a text file from a user , however I wanted flexibility in the process to make the choices dynamic, so I am in the process of setting up a website for this . It’s called http://Phpvmsgen.com there is just a skeleton outline at present but it gives you an idea of what I am doing
  10. PHPVMSGEN works with just a single PHPVMS airline or it can work with a number of airlines by simply running a configuration file against each of the airlines you have in PHPVMS. It does this by linking the airline code to names of things such as fares , subfleets etc. So that the data is complete for that airline. This means that you can have a different basic fare for each airline and hub airports as if each airline was a single airline in PHPVMS. This allows flexibility and less work moving aircraft and flights between airlines as PHPVMSGEN will put the flights you need for that airline in the right place to start with
  11. PHPVMSGEN is now available as a free service to provide data for import to PHPVMS. It will give you 5 csv files or a number of files per type depending on volume of content the following AIRPORT,FARES,SUBFLEET,AIRCRAFT and FLIGHTS. You simply compile your requirements in a configuration file and send this file to me and I will process it and send you the files back along with a generation report with installation notes. It should be noted that PHPVMGEN csv files are installed into PHPVMS without any additional software being required and as such they conform and act within the operation and core procedures of PHPVMS. if you are interested in a free service then all the details and examples are over at my GITHUB REPOSITORY the link to this is Details about the PHPVMSGEN service Please note that PHPVMSGEN is not in any shape or form part of PHPVMS or associated with the owners of PHPVMS other than this provision of creating suitable csv files for import to PHPVMS. PHPVMSGEN is a free service and there will be no cost[s] or hidden charges made to any Virtual Airline that uses the service
  12. Thank you for your time explaining the issue with STYLE , yes that is something important to consider when making changes to PHPVMS v7.
  13. I just fixed this in a PR which is awaiting inclusion , along with other csv fixes I found that were needed
  14. Thinking about this , it could be developed as an option when setting up a new flight in PHPVMS like the distance is calculated to auto-calculate. The suggestion being is to add two new fields to the fares table and also to the input screens obviously Auto Calculate Base Fare. This is the $50 mentioned above so for economy it would be 50 business 150 first 250. I.e 3 times and 5 times Per Mile Unit This is the .11 mentioned above for economy and thus .33 for business and .55 for First Class Then on input of a flight you just need an extra field on fares to say. Auto-Calculate Y/N I think this would help many new Virtual Airlines especially those not based on a real world airline.
  15. AS a sub-note to this topic and since I am no longer going to run PHPVMSGEN for money but make it a free service to the PHPVMS community I will add these variables for fare calculation into the system so when you input your requirements you are asked if you want fares to be generated. If you select yes then you will input your base fare amount , permile and business , first class factors. That way when I create your csv files I can have fares build for you as a starting point or not. The idea behind PHPVMSGEN is to build a set of csv files that you can import into PHPVMS V7 and have as far as possible a fully working virtual airline. Yes of course you may need to make adjustments here and there but the bulk of your data will have been done for you by PHPVMSGEN
  16. This is one of the major 'headaches' if you want to use the financials of PHPVMS as there are so many factors in the real world that affect ticket prices . In the Virtual airline world I think we try to keep things as simple as possible unless you really want to copy a real world airline 100%. So how do you work out your fares for the flights in your schedule to be a 'reasonable amount'. Actually it is standard in IATA to have a price built based on sets of tables which if you got the money you could subscribe to IATA and do it the professional way. However research done crunching hundreds and thousands of prices for flights came to an average calculation that (this is based on it being done in USD) that every flight had a base fare of around $50 and for every mile of the distance it costs $0.11 . So based on this I put together the following test code to see what sort of numbers came out - // // // fare calculation // // This is calculated as follows -: // $basefare i.e 50 // $permile i.e 0.11 // $rounding i.e 5 // $business i.e 3 // $first i.e 5 // $distance i.e 1200 // // Economy Fare is Base Fare + (distance * per=mile) rounded to nearest rounding factor // Business Fare is (Base Fare + (distance * per=mile)) * factor rounded to nearest rounding factor // First Class Fare is (Base Fare + (distance * per=mile)) * factor rounded to nearest rounding factor // // function to round a number to nearest factor // function roundUpToAny($n,$x) { return (round($n)%$x === 0) ? round($n) : round(($n+$x/2)/$x)*$x; } // // dummy test results // $distance = 200; $basefare = 50; $permile = 0.11; $business = 3; $first = 5; $rounding = 5; $economy_fare = $basefare + ($distance * $permile); $economy_fare = roundUpToAny($economy_fare,$rounding); echo 'Economy Class fare for a '.$distance.'Nm flight is '.$economy_fare.PHP_EOL; $business_fare = ($basefare + ($distance * $permile)) * $business; $business_fare = roundUpToAny($business_fare,$rounding); echo 'Business Class fare for a '.$distance.'Nm flight is '.$business_fare.PHP_EOL; $first_fare = ($basefare + ($distance * $permile)) * $first; $first_fare = roundUpToAny($first_fare,$rounding); echo 'First Class fare for a '.$distance.'Nm flight is '.$first_fare.PHP_EOL; It was no surprise to see the results as follows -: Economy Class fare for a 200Nm flight is 75 Business Class fare for a 200Nm flight is 220 First Class fare for a 200Nm flight is 360 I know this is not going to be perfect for everyone and yes many will say that it is either too expensive or too cheap , but of course you can adjust the BASE FARE and PER MILE amount and even the factor for Business and First if you want. I know that if you are setting up a virtual airline with 500 flights that's a lot of fares to consider, I saw in one virtual airline albeit using PHPVMS V5 that many flights were giving a large negative revenue or very large positive revenue which suggested that the fares for some of these flights were guessed at. I understand that the Finance of PHPVMS has been built to enhance the virtual airline experience where you can see profit and loss just like the real world, however it gets to a point where the numbers do not make sense and thus the objective id defeated. These are just my thoughts on the matter of fares and how best to get them done in a way that has the potential to work very well
  17. PHPVMS V7 has a nice import feature from csv files but it seems there are considerable differences between the csv files and what you would input on the screen. Does anybody know the reason for this such as the Subfleet table has these fields in the csv but you do not input them all on the screen those marked with xxxx are input on the screen airline,type,name,fuel_type,cost_block_hour,cost_delay_minute,ground_handling_multiplier,cargo_capacity,fuel_capacity,gross_weight,fares The others are not input when adding a new Subfleet two inputs MAIN HUB and SIMBRIEF TYPE are available for input but do not show on the csv so that's 6 fields that are not accounted for on the CSV that gets exported or imported and when you look at the 'input/maintain fields on the record 2 airline_id. 3 hub_id 4 type. 5 simbrief_type 6 name 7 cost_block_hour 8 cost_delay_minute 9 fuel_type 10 ground_handling_multiplier 11 cargo_capacity 12 fuel_capacity 13 gross_weight There is not even a field for Fares in the database record. Similar errors and omissions are seen on other tables , it seems that either some of these fields are redundant because of the mew structure of PHPVMS 7 and have been initially copied over from PHPVMS 5 . However as PHPVMS is in a BETA state at present there is opportunity to get these csv file layouts sorted out and prune any redundant fields from these tables if they have been moved elsewhere. Any thoughts on this can it somebody log it as a 'BUG' to be fixed
  18. One of the major hurdles when setting up a virtual airline from scratch is the amount of data that has to be input to get a working airline. How many hours do you need to spend input airport data , aircraft data , flight data etc. If you say you had just 4 airports that you start off with as 'HUB' airports i.e. A B C D then the number of flights you would at least expect to create are. A-B , A-C , A-D , B-C, B-D and then C-D that's already 6 flights needed. But in reality you may obviously want to fly outside of just the hub airports and typically you 4 airports may require the input of say another 200 airports as other destinations so the number of flights starts getting into the hundreds etc. Then there is of course aircraft as each route may have a different type of aircraft to others so there are say 10 aircraft to input. I think you are getting my point now. So why did I mention PHPVMSGEN , well this is a project of mine as I am setting up a virtual airline of my own in PHPVMS V7 and it has around 80 airports in and around Norway, Iceland , Scotland , Ireland and Faroe Islands and I am not keen to sit for days tying in a lot of data when from the Internet a lot of the data I need is out there and just needs refining for PHPVMS. PHPVMSGEN has a background database of real world information to quote some figures as to how comprehensive I have built this data there are 6600 airports that have the capability to be used in PHPVMSGEN as they Have ICAO and IATA codes. Aircraft types yes they are not all required but I have a data table with 300 specific ISO codes for Aircraft so all I think you need are there. Because Virtual airlines can and often follow their real world counterparts as well as fictional Virtual Airlines like mine is going to be I also hold basic information relating to real world airlines which number nearly 8000. So having airports , aircraft , airlines there is one thing that is missing but I have that done as well from various sources , I have a global flights database of just over 650,000 unique flights , well of course some of them are the same flight but on different days to be as flexible as possible. So from this huge database of relevent information how will I get just what I need as a sort of 'STARTER' kit into PHPVMS V7 , well PHPVMS has in the admin section the means to import your data from csv files and the output from PHPVMSGEN is as you might guess these csv files. But I am not importing over 1/2 million flight records many of which I would not need. No Panic PHPVMSGEN extract process is built around your needs in a couple of ways . The first route is for the mimic of a real world Airline so you input the airline code and what PHPVMSGEN will do is take the flights for the real world airline from my flights database and then note what aircraft types and airports have been used in the schedule and then build the csv files from there. Of course not everyone wants to copy a real world airline they may want bits and pieces from several , so the second route is to use a set of of BASE airports say ENGM , EHAM , EGKK etc . it will then do the same for flights database but in a different way in that any flight from or to these base airports will be selected and thus the aircraft and other airports will come from that. It is intended to offer PHPVMSGEN for a small processing fee of no more than €5 to cover the hosting of a website to build and deliver these csv files. Thats all for now , any comments are as usual gratefully received
  19. Error 1. the line in question is as follows -: i.e. core/codon.config.php. line 90 if(DBASE_NAME != '' && DBASE_SERVER != '' && DBASE_NAME != 'DBASE_NAME') { so following what I could find I tried the following line if($DBASE_NAME != '' && $DBASE_SERVER != '' && $DBASE_NAME != 'DBASE_NAME') { and that error seems to have gone away hopefully but we must wait and see
  20. ERROR-01. This is just connecting to the master software after uploading to the server Warning: Use of undefined constant DBASE_NAME - assumed 'DBASE_NAME' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /Users/lesliejarrett/Sites/airalba/core/codon.config.php on line 90 Warning: Use of undefined constant DBASE_SERVER - assumed 'DBASE_SERVER' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /Users/lesliejarrett/Sites/airalba/core/codon.config.php on line 90 Warning: Use of undefined constant DBASE_NAME - assumed 'DBASE_NAME' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /Users/lesliejarrett/Sites/airalba/core/codon.config.php on line 90 So the first task is to find out this error and correct it
  21. Step 1. I have a MAMP-PRO system and have set up a server module which will run PHP 7.4.12 and will install the existing software into this and start recording the errors found and then we can start correcting them as required. Until we know what the errors are I do not know how long this will take. I am suspecting that PHP will throw out a lot of warning type messages about code being deprecated etc. These are going to be the main areas where things will hopefully be easy to fix.
  22. This is a new topic to open up the work and fixing of phpVMS to work with PHP 7.4 . It will be based on the existing version phpVMS and will be progressed in this forum. Once Finished it will be polished on GITHUB as a package the same as before.
  23. Now that PHP 7.0,1,2 is depreciated, going forward many hosts are providing PHP from 7.3 upwards only. My question is what about an update to PHPVMS that works on 7.3 7.4 PHP as many things that were in the upgrade from PHP 5 to PHP 7 will have been fixed so it is quite possible that only a few items may need to be corrected or re-coded for the current version of PHP. Actually I tried it on PHP 7.4 and there was a small error on EZDB CLASS on installation but it completed , however there are a few errors that come up on the main screen. What we can do is open up a topic and then post the errors as we go along and what the fixes are and then at the end we will have a PHP 7.3,4 version. This would ensure that many virtual airlines can continue to use PHPVMS rather than transfer to VA BASE that is not free but works on PHP 7.4
  24. The module looks like it is out of date from the screen shots and information on their website as the links to VATSIM ATD do not work and the PILOT RATING on VATSIM is no longer what it was. So if the module was built around the previous rating system and tests then it will probably not work and will be a waste of money especially as it needs an API key from VATSIM. I wanted to buy the module perhaps but with the way it appears on the website I have offered a means to the authors in that they send me a copy for free to test against current VATSIM Pilot material and I would fix it as I go along and send the fixes to them. Obviously I need to wait for their response as they do not offer refunds on any purchase so for €40 it is not worth the risk buying it only to find it does not work with the current VATSIM training system. It is a pity but that's how many of the good modules seem to be in that they rarely get updated and the frustration is that just like the non-replying CRAZYCREATIVES they want to sell you fancy looking modules but will not give you a refund if they doo not work. The best thing is therefore to use PAYPAL as they look after customers who buy digital products and want a refund because the software does not work.
  25. Do not buy from CrazyCreatives [1] They do not respond to messages [2] They do not have proper installation guides , just tell you to copy something [3] They do not even respond if you claim back from Paypal. I purchased the AirlineMap V2 from them as it said it would work with 5,x . Followed their instructions which was to copy to a folder. Nothing happened so I asked them for help , nothing happened, asked PayPal for a refund , nothing happened from Crazy Creatives , Got refund from Paypal.
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