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  1. I could use some help with this issue. https://spiritva.org/acars No data below the map and no symbols on the map when pilots are flying. I recently changed over to HTTPS if that matters and we do use SmartCars for our ACARS system. All other functions of the website and ACARS works in regards to PIREPS and PIREP submission. Any guidance into the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Ray
  2. Thanks so much. Worked like a charm., PHP Version 5.5.22 So would phpvms V2 be the next appropriate upgrade I would need to do?
  3. Hello Everyone, I would like to thank you in advance for reading my post. I am trying to figure out how I find out where to look for my PHP version? I have an issue where my VA website works great using ipage as a host but recently went to move it to hostblast and everything worked great except the live flight board, it showed no flights when in fact i was on acars and flying. I feel like my PHP is old and hence not fully up to date with today's coding. All has been working great so I did not want to mess with anything. When I did move the website away from ipage i had errors sa
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